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Bible Mind Craft

Bile I Know questions

Who is the Lamb of God? Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God
What is brought up to the priest after the Homily? The gifts
What is the table called on which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered? The Altar
What is Transubstantiation? By action of the Priest the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ.
How many times did Jesus fall when condemned to death? 3 times
In what Holiday did Jesus resurrect? Easter Sunday
What do we call the practice of not eating anything for one full hour before we receive Holy Communion? Fasting
The boat God told Noah to build was known as the ? Noah's Arc
Who did God choose to build a boat? Noah
Where was Jesus baptized? Galilee Jordan River
Stories about Jesus life are in the books of the New Testament called the? Gospels
Who baptized Jesus? John
Jesus comes into our hearts when we receive his body and blood at mass? Holy Communion
Why did God flood the world? Wicked people
What day did God rest? Sunday
Who created man and women? God
To receive Holy Communion, I must be in a State of Grace (confess mortal sins sorry for all sins)
Did Jesus revoke satan? and how many times? yes and 3 times
What did Jesus offer his disciples at the last supper? Bread as his body and wine as his blood
Who denied Jesus 3 times? Peter
What do we call the sacrament that takes place at Mass, in which bread and wine are changed into Jesus body and blood offered to God the father and then given to us? Holy Eucharist
Name the cup that holds the wine to be changed into the blood of Christ? The Chalice
What is the word used when by the action of the priest, the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Jesus? Transubstantiation
What is the most important part of the Mass in which the miracle of the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ called? Jesus precious blood
What did God tell Adam and Eve not to eat? Apple tree
Where did Adam & Eve live? The Garden of Eden
Two main parts of the Mass? Liturgy of the word - Liturgy of the Eucharist
What does the word- Eucharist mean? Thanksgiving
When we receive Jesus in Holy Communion, we receive sanctifying grace. What is grace? A Gift from God that makes us Holy.
Name the first man and first women? Adam and Eve
What is the metal box called on the Altar that holds Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Tabernacle
Who became present during the Holy Eucharist during the sacrifice of the Mass? Jesus Christ
Who must follow the 10 Commandments Everyone
The truth that the son of God became man is the ? incarnation
What happened to Jesus after he died? He resurrected
Who did God speak to about to about the 10 commandments? Moses
Before Eve ate the apple what did the ____ promised she would know? Snake (Satan) Everything
What did God create as a promise never to flood the world again? a rainbow
Between Adam and Eve who ate the apple first? Eve
The ________is the Three Persons in one God? Blessed Trinity
Name the 12 Appostles Peter, Andrew, Judas, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Mattew, James (son of Alphaeus), Thaddeus, Simon (the Zealot) , and Matthias
The gift of God's life in us is____? Grace
At Mass, what is the bread (host) changed into? Jesus Body
Why do we get baptized? We are given new life to share with God, and to also erase the original sin
Who is the man who leads us in the celebration of the mass? the priest
What opened and appeared when Jesus was baptized? The sky, the holy spirit in the form of a dove
On what night was the Last Supper held? Holy Thursday
How many days did it take God to create the world? 6 days
What day did God rest? Sabbath day, 7th day also called Sunday
Who created the world? God
Who came to visit Jesus when he was born? 3 wise man
At what meal did Jesus give us the Holy Eucharist The Last Supper
Who is the mother of Jesus? Virgin Marie
What does Repent mean? to change your mind about sin/ to turn away from sin and turn to God
Name 3 miracles Jesus performed walked on water, rose the dead, healed the sick, cured the blind, brought forth food
What was Satan disguised when appeared to Eve ? A snake
When Jesus was tested, how long and who showed up? After he was baptize, 40 days fasting, and Satan
Name the 10 commandments? 1.thou shat not have strange God before me, 2.thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain 3.remember thou keep holy the Lord's day 4.thou shalt honor father and mother, 5.thou shalt not kill 6.thou shalt not commit adultery, 7.thou shalt not
Name the three test Satan gave Jesus? Turn rock into bread, for him to jump because angels will catch him, to adore him and in return he would give him the kingdom of the world
What happens to us when we are baptized? We become members of the church, we are freed from the original sin and sins we may have committed
What are the seven Sacraments? 1.Baptism, 2.Confirmation, 3.Holy Eucharist, 4.Penance, 5.Anointing of the sick, 6.Holy order
What do we act out in baptism? death, burial, resurrection
What are we saying to the world after we are baptized? I am a follower of Jesus Christ
What is the Holy Eucharist? Holy Eucharist is the sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
Because Jesus died and rose to save us form sin, he is our _____. Savior
Who betrayed Jesus? Judas
What are we told to do in the fifth commandment? honor your father and mother
What food do we ask God to give us in the Lord's prayer? Bread
People look on the outward appearance, but what does God look on? the heart
How many of each type of animals did Noah have on the Ark? Two
How does God first appear to Moses? as a burning bush
What does the name Eve mean? mother of all living
What was the first thing that God created? light
Which day did God create plants? Third day
What did God ask Abraham to sacrifice to him on Mount Moriah? His only son
What was the first plague the Lord sent on Eqypt? water turned into blood
From which catastrophe does Joseph save Egypt? Famine
On what day of creation did God create man? Sixth day
What was the first of the ten commandments? you shall have no other Gods before me
One title of God is El Shaddai which means what? Almighty God
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