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Medical Terminology

Medical Terms

Medical Terms Definition
Necrosis - (necr/o) - Death, ( -osis) - Condition Abnormal condition of tissue death
Anethetize - (an-) - Without, Lack of, (esthet) - Feeing, Sensation, (-ize) - to make To induce a loss of feeling or sensation with the administration of an anesthetic
Pericardial - (peri-) - Around, (cardi/o) - Heart, (-al) - pertaining to Pertaining to the pericardium ( a fibrous sac surrounding the heart)
Inguinal - (inguin) - Groin, (-al) - pertaining to Pertaining to the groin, of or near the groin
Dermatologist - (demat/o) - skin, (log) - study of, (-ist) - one who specializes Physician who specializes in the study of the skin
Tendinitis - (tendin) - Tendon, (-itis) - Inflammation Inflammation of a tendon
Dentalgia - (dent) - Tooth, (-algia) - Pain, Ache Pain in tooth; toothache
Cardiovascular - (cardi/o) - Heart, (vascul) - Small Vessels, (-ar) - Pertaining to Pertaining to the heart and small blood vessels
Erythrocyte - (erythr/o) - Red, (-cyte) - Cell Mature red blood cell, which does not contain a nucleus
Pneumonectomy - (pneumon) - Lung, (-ectomy) - Surgical Excision Surgical excision of the left or right lung
Cystoscope - (cyst/o) - Bladder, (-scope) -= Instrument for examining Medical instrument used for visual examination of the bladder
Glandular - (glandul) - Little Acorn, (-ar) - Pertaining to Pertaining to gland
Dyslexia - (dys-) - Difficult, (-lexia) - Diction, Word, Phrase Condition in which an individual has difficulty in reading and comprehending written language
Cholesteatoma - (chol/e) - Gall or Bile, (steat) -Fat, (-oma) - Tumor Tumorlike mass filled with epithelial cells and cholesterol
Keratitis - (kerat-) - Cornea, (-itis) - Inflammation Inflammation of the cornea
Amenorrhea - (a-) - Lack of, (men/o) Month, Menses, Menstration, (-rrhea) - flow Lack of the monthly flow (menses, menstration)
Aspermia - (a-) - Lack of, (sperm) - Seed, (-ia) - Condition Condition involving lack of sperm or failure to ejaculate sperm
Hperplasia - (hyper-) - Excessive, (-plasia) - Formation Excessive formation and growth of normal cells
Neoplasm - (neo-) - New, (-plasm) - A thing formed New tissue formed, such as an abnormal growth or tumor
Myosclerosis - (my/o) - Muscle, (scler) - hardening, (-osis) - Condition Abnormal condition of hardening of muscle
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