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Wrld Hstry Sem1Final

New Ulm World History Semester 1 Final

What does it mean to domesticate plants and animals? To raise plants and animals in a controlled way for food or work
What was the Neolithic revolution? Transition from nomadic life to settled farming
How did trade aid in cultural diffusion? It helped spread technologies, goods, and ideas from one people to another
Most ancient civilized people had a belief in many gods. What is this called? Polytheistic
What is ancient name for “The Fertile Crescent”? Mesopotamia
What was the first codified set of laws? (Hint: Summaria) Hammurabi’s Code
What early civilization in the Middle East is thought to have developed the first alphabet? Phonecians
How do we know early people believed in an afterlife? There were drawings on cave walls, items were put in burial site that were going to help the dead person in the after life
Who is considered the patriarch (father) of Judaism? Abraham
What group claimed the Mandate of Heaven and overthrew the Shang Dynasty? The Zhou
What is the Mandate of Heaven? The divine right to rule
This is a collection of Aryan written prayers, hymns, and other religious teachings? Vedas
Why was China more isolated from the rest of the world than other early civilizations? Mountains, deserts and water isolated them
This is a society in which males rule the social hierarchy, government and family? Patriarchy
What trade route linked China with the Middle East and Europe? Silk Road
What city became a very important religious center for the Jewish people? Jerusalem
What term means a social group into which people are born and cannot change or leave? Caste system
Name the war between Athens and Greece.
What was Alexander the Great’s most lasting legacy? He spread the Greek culture and ideas, helped blend eastern and western ideas, improved the roles/freedom of women
Define aristocracy. Government headed by a privileged minority or upper class.
Define oligarchy. Government in which ruling power belongs to a few people
Define monarchy. Government in which a King or Queen exercises central power
Define democracy Government in which the people hold ruling power
What did Jesus proclaim was his mission? To teach people to love their neighbors as themselves, to bring eternal life to people
What was the name of the series of wars between Carthage and Rome? Punic Wars
Which duty did Confucius believe people should put above all other duties? Respect for parents
Daoists (Taoists) believed that the best government is one that does what? The one that governed the least. They believed government was unnatural and the cause of many problems.
What did Confucius believe made a person a good leader? One that provided a good government and led by a good example
According to Legalism, a good ruler is one who does what? Has strict laws and harsh consequences for anyone who breaks the rules
According to the law of karma, what happens to a person who obeys the rules of their caste? They are “promoted” to a higher level of existence in the next life
Who was crowned by the pope as the first “Holy Roman Emperor”? Charlemagne
What peasant led French troops during the 100 years war and became a symbol of French Unity and was later burned at the stake for heresy? Joan of Arc
What was the Inquisition? A church court set up that used secret testimony, torture, and execution to root out heresy.
Describe feudalism. It was a loosely organized system of rule in which powerful local lords divided their landholdings among lesser lords in exchange for loyalty and service.
What was the main goal of the medieval crusaders? To spread of Christianity. Also for personal gain and power.
What is heresy? A religious belief that goes against the beliefs of the church
What is vernacular? The everyday language of ordinary people
What is scholasticism? In medieval Europe, the school of thought that used logic and reason to support Christian belief
What caused the split between Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches? The split occurred when Pope Leo made Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor. The churches disagreed about the role/position of the Pope.
Who defeated the Byzantine Empire in 1453? The Ottomans
What was the official language of the Byzantine Church? Latin
Emperor Justinian can be described as an autocratic leader. What is an autocrat? A sole ruler with complete control
What is the most important contribution of Justinian’s rule? They set up a legal system we still use today in international law
What happened to the Hagia Sophia after the fall of Constantinople? It was converted into a Catholic Cathedral
Genghis Khan was the leader of what civilization? Mongol
Describe Ivan the Great’s leadership style. (Ivan the Terrible) He used absolute power. He took power away from the boyar (land-owning nobles)
After the death of Muhammad, what two groups did Islam divide into? Sunnis and Shiites
How does the Sharia in Islam differ from the law codes that evolved in the West? The religious principles apply to all legal situations
Where did the Arab armies proceed to after they conquered the Persian Empire? Egypt
What is the final authority in all matters for Muslims? The Holy Qur’an
What does S.P.I.C.E. stand for? Social, Political, Interaction w/Environment, Cultural, Economic
This country served as cultural bridge or “middleman” between China and Japan? Korea
Which Chinese Dynasty was actually a ruled by the Mongol Kublai Khan? Yuan Dynasty
What is the major religion found in North Africa? Islam
Paleolithic people who moved from place to place as they followed wild animals and gathered ripening fruit. Nomads
What language developed from a blend of Arabic and Bantu languages? Swahili
The Shinto religion began in and is unique to which country? Japan
This Chinese explorer explored the coasts of Asia, India, and East Africa. Zheng He
What was the most important commodity traded along the Indian Ocean trade routes? Salt and Gold
Many religions have incorporated the belief that plants, inanimate objects, and even some natural phenomena possess a spirit or soul. This belief is called what? Animism
What 12th century western African city became a major trading and cultural center as a result of the salt, gold, ivory, and slave trade? Timbuktu
For what reasons other than religion did people chose to go on crusades? For power, wealth, and personal fame
What city was considered the center of the Hellenistic World? Alexandria
What type of government can be found in ancient Athens, Greece? limited democracy
Name the war between Athens and Greece. Peloponnesian war
What is the first written document written in 1215 England limiting a king’s privileges? Magna Carta
What city served as an important center of trade and the capital of the Byzantine Empire? Constantinople
What products were mostly made in ancient China? silk
Which of the following is NOT a technological achievement of the Song and Tang Dynasties? paper
What country had the greatest cultural influence on Korea? Japan and China
What are the characteristics of a civilization? cities, government, religion, social structure, writing and art
South Asia was the birthplace of Hinduism and what other religion Buddhism
Which Emperor divided the Roman Empire into two parts? Diocletian
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