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Lesson 8 Review

What is a tax to be paid on a specific class of imports / exports? Tariff
What is supposed to represent the interest of commoners? House of Commons
What is Britain's law-making body? Parliament
What is the right to vote? Suffrage
Who are the people who supported the "People's Charter" Chartists
What is a form of request typically signed by people, appealing to authority? Petition
What is a system of voting that is kept anonymous? Secret Ballot
Who are the people that wanted both political and economical reform? Radicals
Who are the people that wanted neither political or economical reform? Monarchists
Who are the people who wanted political reform, but not economical? Moderates
Who were the radicals that pushed towards a communist style revolution? Communards
What was the women's right to vote called? Women's Suffrage
What was supposed to represent the interest of aristocrats? House of Lords
Who wanted absolute government and restricted voting rights? Charles X
What was the right to vote for everyone called? Universal Suffrage
What helped women gain the right to vote? Reform Act of 1918
What abolished tariffs on imported grain? Corn Laws
Who practiced limited government? Louis XVIII
What were one of the things you had to have to vote? Property Qualifications
Limited Government
What was a district called with few people but many representatives? Rotten Boroughs
Reform Act of 1884
June Days
Reform Act of 1867
Paris Commune
Parliament Act of 1911
Prime Minister
William Gladstone
Third Republic
Created by: summer.monday