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Lesson 8 Review

Lesson 8

Limited Government
House of Commons The group of average everyday people that had very little power and often times none.
House of Lords The group of wealthy high ranked people that had a lot of power.
Suffrage The right to vote.
Radical These people wanted everyone equal immediately and would do anything to achieve it.
Moderate Theses people wanted to find a ground in the middle as in improvise between all people so they could meet in the middle.
Womens Suffrage Womens right to vote.
Prime Minister
Secret Ballot
Corn Laws
Third Republic
Paris Commune
June Days
William Gladstone
Reform Act 1918
Revolution 1830 The people rose up to fight in the streets and fighting struck out between the army and the people of the country.
Louis Philippe Due to the revolution of 1830 this man became the leader of France.
Charles X
Second Republic
William Wilberforce
Revolution 1848 Bad economics lead to the people fighting for rights. Many deaths were caused by this revolution and many new laws were temporarily passed.
Louis Napoleon (Napoleon 3rd) In 1848 Louis Napoleon became leader of France after the failed revolution of 1848.
Universal Suffrage The right for anyone of any race or ethnicity to vote.
Created by: Alexis.reed