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Lesson 8 Review

Britain's law-making group Parliament
What was granted in 1918 that lead to a more united voting population? Reform Act of 1918
What house of Parliament represented the Aristocrats? House of Lords
What house represented the poor? House of Commons
What figure was briefly prime minster and had rivalry with William Gladstone and his liberal party? Benjamin Disraeli
What group during the era of French Reform pushed for Absolutist Monarchy? Monarchists
What group during the era of French Reform pushed for complete radicalism and believed everything should be divided equally? Radicals
What group during the era of French Reform pushed for limited government? Moderates
These places were used as a means to keep the House of Lords powerful although their population was nil Rotten Boroughs
Came into power after Charles X Louis XVIII
Kept quite a few men from voting because of their ridiculous standards Property Requirements
Helped pass the bill to abolish slavery in Britain William Wiberforce
A vote taken in incognito to be hidden or unknown Secret Ballot
Furthered suffrage for males and was the third reform act Reform Act of 1884
A war between France and former Prussia that began in 1870 Franco-Prussian War
Known as the "Spring of Nations" this was one of the most widespread waves of revolution in Europe Revolution of 1848
Imposed tariff on imported grain The Corn Laws
The head of an elected government; the principal minister of a sovereign or state. Prime minister
Premier? Executive prime minister, executive power
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