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Lesson 8 Review

Britain's law making group Parliament
The house of Parliament that is elected House of Commons
The house of Parliament that is not elected House of Lords
A style of government in which the leaders of a country do not have total power and must follow certain rules Limited Government
The French leader is the _______ Premier
Members of the Parius Commune are called Communards
The organization was formed to push for radical economic reforms in France in 1871 Paris Commune
Was able to elect a representative to Parliament though having very few voters Rotten Boroughs
The right to vote in political elections Suffrage
The extension of voting of voting rights to all citizens without restrictions based on race, sex, religious relief, wealth, or social status Universal Suffrage
The right for women to vote in elections Womens suffrage
A tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports Tariff
Their purpose was to gain political rights and influence for the working classes Chartists
A formal written request, typically signed by many people, appealing to respect with a particular cause Petition
A qualification for office or for the exercise of a right, especially the right to vote Property Qualification
Measures enforced in the United Kingdom between 1815 and 1846, which imposed restrictions and tariffs on imported grain Corn Laws
Created by: DjKiwi360