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Lesson 8

Democracy in Britain and France

What is one half of Parliament and those who were representatives in it had a title? The House of Lords
A rural area where most all the people have moved to a city, but this rural areas still has Parliament representatives, is a(n) _____. Rotten boroughs
What is a word that means the right to vote? suffrage
If everyone has the right to vote, there is _____. universal suffrage.
The Corn Laws repealed ___ on grains. tariffs
Who was a prime minister in Britain, who helped make education free for all children. William Gladstone
Who was a prime minister in Britain, who improved public health and housing for workers in cities. Benjamin Disraeli
Who was the king during the 1830 Revolution? Charles X
This group of people in France wanted a complete makeover for France. They wanted a democracy and reforms. Radicals
This group of people in France wanted a limited monarch. A king but with limits to his power and a few reforms. Moderates
This group of people in France wanted an absolute monarchy. They wanted the older social pyramid back and did not want reforms. Monarchists.
Who was the Kin of France after the revolution of the 1830 and the king during the beginning of the revolution of 1848? Louis Phellippe
During the revolution of 1848, a new constitution was written. In this constitution it set up the _____. This gave men universal voting rights and abolished slavery in French colonies. 2nd French Estate
During the _____, people rose up and fought the government because they had abolished the reforms that had been put into place. The government won. The June Days
After the June days, a new king was elected. Who was this? Louis Napoleon or Napoloen lll
What war was stared when Napoleon lll was in power against Prussia? Franco-Prussian War
After Prussia won the Franco-Prussian War and took Napoleon lll, the people gathered in the street and made the _______. Third French Estate
After the Revolution of 1848, the radicals still wanted their way. So they set up an organization called the _____. This pushed for a communist government. Paris Commune
Those who were a part of the Paris Commune, were call what? Commuards
What revolution in France started because Charles X made France back into a absolutest monarchy and the people did not like this. The Revolution of 1830
What revolution was started because people did not have much of any freedom, food prices rose, people were losing money, unemployment was high, and there were few reforms? The Revolution of 1848
Who was the king that the Congress of Vienna put in charge of France. Louis XVIll
Parliament had a ______ under Louis XVIIl Limited government
The House of Lords and House of Commons made up what? Parliament
The people who were part of the _______ were representatives of the normal people of France, those who did not have titles. The House of Commons
_______ is when no one can know how someone voted in an election. Without this no country can really call it self a democracy. Secret Ballet
Woman finally received the right to vote from the _____. Reform of Act of 1918
Getting rid of these allowed many more men to vote. Property Qualifications
What were people who supported he People’s Charter called? Chartists
The People's Charter was a what? petition
Who was the Britain’s most important abolitionist? William Wilberforce
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