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Lesson 8 Review

Who was the king in France who was placed there by The Congress of Vienna? He also was okay with limited government. Louis XVII
Who was the King who left because his people hated him for trying to go back to Absolutist ways? Charles X
What was the one faction in France that wanted to get rid of kings? Radicals
Which faction was somewhere in the middle of Monarchy and Democratic? Moderates
When Charles X left France because of all of the violence and then a new king was chosen which made it a success The Revolution of 1830
The king that didn't give a lot of Freedom when the economy started to go bad and people didn't like him which lead to him being kicked out Louis Philippe
People of France started making reforms and let people vote. They elected Monarchist and Moderates to power so most of that was undone which lead to a revolt The Revolution of 1848
The group who banned slavery and let people vote but it was undone by the Moderates and Monarchist Second Republic
Workers started to Revolt, the Government responded violently which left over 10,000 workers dead then the Revolution of 1848 ended June days
Man who was elected as the leader of France but later declared himself emperor like someone he was related to Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III)
War between Prussia and France, also when Napoleon III was captured in 1870 The Franco-Prussian War
Group that made France finally become a democracy and there never again was a king in France Third Republic
An organization set up by radicals Paris Commune
The members of the Paris Commune who pushed for a communist style revolution in France Communards
A term for Prime Minster in France Premier
People who wanted there to be a king to rule over France Monarchist
When you have a good amount of freedom and control to function Limited Government
People who have the power in Britain Parliament
The group of people who were not as powerful as the house of lords in the beginning but then grew to have more power House of Commons
When cities who had no people had a lot of voters and people who had a lot of people had no voters Rotten Boroughs
right to vote Suffarage
everyone gets to vote Universal sufferage
when the women finally got to vote Women suffrage
people get to vote anonymously Secret Ballot
people had to have a certain amount of property to vote Property qualificatioms
When terrifs were abolished and grain was imported Corn Laws
When Women got to vote Reform act of 1918
When the house of lords lost a lot of power Reform Act of 1911
Leader in Britain Prime minister
A Document that shows peoples support for a particular law Petition
Created by: Alora_elizabeth