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World History Sem. 1

This is the vocabulary for world history....Chapter 3

Asia Minor Huge peninsula that juts into the Black and Mediterranean Seas.
Migration Movement of people from one region to another
Vedas Four collections of prayers, magical spells and instructions for performing Aryan rituals.
Reincarnation Rebirth of the soul.
Ahimsa Requires the Hindu believer to protect humans, animals, insects and plants.
Nirvana In Buddhism, the state of freedom from the cycle of rebirth.
Stupas Large stone mounds built over the bones of Buddhist holy people.
Alphabet Series of written symbols that represent sound.
Colonies Settlements
Monotheism Belief in one all powerful God.
Exodus Departure or journey.
Tribute Peace money paid by a weaker power to a stronger power.
Prophets Preachers who interpreted God's will.
Steppes Dry grasslands that stretch north of the Caucasus Mountains.
Aryans Light skinned warriors from areas north of the Black and Caspian Sea.
Upanishads Hindu religious writings.
Moksha The ultimate aim of Hindu life, spiritual perfection.
Labyrinth Maze
Torah The first five books of the Hebrew Bible, sacred Jewish writings.
Karma All the good and bad deeds performed by a person determines his or her fate.
Aryan Caste System Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Sudra Pariah
Israel Established by the 10 northern tribes
Judah Established by the 2 southern tribes.
Hinduism Primary religion in India.
3 Great kings that united the Hebrews Saul David Solomon
Created by: Samanthas1583