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General Notes

Under the Tounge Sublingual (SL)
Pouch between the cheek and mouth Buccal
A clear liquid made up of one or more substances Solution
Water based Aqueous
The scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance PH
When the smaller pieces of a tablet dissolve into a solution Dissolution
The breaking down (apart) of a tablet into pieces Disintegration
Systemic Effect When a drug is introduced into the venous (circulatory) system and carried to the sight of administration
Local Effect When drug activity is at the sight of administration
Painful swollen veins in the anal (rectal) are, generally caused by strained bowel movements from hard stools Hemorrhoid
The property of a substance being able to dissolve in water Water Soluble
The ease of flow when a solution is injected into a patient Injectability
Mixture of two liquids that do not mix with each other in which one liquid is dispersed through the other by using a stabilizer called an emulsifier Emulsions
A stabilizing agent in emulsions Emulsifier
A solvent that dissolves a freeze dried powder or dilutes a solution Diluent
A condition in which one is free of all microorganisms, both harmful and harmless Sterile
Increase in cell death Necrosis
ingredients in a formulation designed to control pH Buffer system
The tear ducts Lacrimal glands
the eyelid lining Conjunctiva
A raised blister-like area on the skin cause by intradermal injection Wheal
The thickness of a liquid, a measure of a fluids resistance to flow Viscosity
Not irritating, does not promote infection or abscess Biocompatibility
The area in the muscle where a formulation is injected during an intramuscular injection Depot
Particles up to a hundred times smaller that those in suspensions that are -however- likewise suspended in a solution Colloids
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