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The Reformation - SS

The Reformation Social Studies. World History. 7th Grade

What were Martin Luther's three things to live by? 1. The just shall live by faith. 2. Salvation is a free gift from God for those who have faith in Jesus alone. 3. Taught about the love and grace of God.
What were the 95 Theses? List of 95 items that were corrupt in the church.
What was Marin's intention? Fix the church
What was the Diet of Worms? 1. He can either recant what he said to excommunicated 2. Luther was declared an outlaw, his ideas and practices had already begun the reformation.
What was the definition of outlaw in the 1400's? No protection from the law
What was the Priesthood of the Believer? People had to come to God as an individual
What were protestants? People chose to follow scripture and leave the Catholic church
What was the Council of Trent? A meeting of high church officials
What did the Council of Trent do? It removed corrupted clergy, but the doctrines remained the same
What were the society changes? (Name at least 3) Families were blessings from God, Love & discipline should be present, faithful & loving marriages, meals eaten together, encouraged to work hard at their occupation, & they were responsible to God for how you use your talents & abilities.
Why were the Bible translations so popular? Everyone could use them
What became extremely popular/dominant? Spiritual hymns
Created by: katherinetaylor