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Body Structure

Medical terminology - Body Structure

cyto-, -cyte cell
hist/o tissue
kary/o, nucle/o nucleus
anter/o anterior, front
caud/o tail
cephal/o head
dist/o far, farthest
dors/o back (of body)
infer/o lower, below
later/o side, to one side
medi/o middle
poster/o back (of the body), behind, posterior
proxim/o near, nearest
ventr/o belly, belly side
abdomen/o abdomen
cervic/o neck; cervix uteri (neck of the uterus)
crani/o cranium (skull)
gastr/o stomach
ili/o ilium (lateral, flaring portion of hip bone)
inguin/o groin
lum/bo loins (lower back)
pelv/I, pelv/o pelvis
spin/o spine
thorac/o chest
umbilic/o umbilicus, navel
albin/o, leuk/o white
chlor/o green
chrom/o color
cirrh/o, jaund/o, xanth/o yellow
cyan/o blue
eyrthr/o red
melan/o black
poli/o gray; gray matter (of brain or spinal cord)
acr/o extremity
eti/o cause
idi/o unknown, peculiar
morph/o form, shape, structure
path/o disease
radi/o radiation, x-ray; radius (lower arm bone on thumb side)
somat/o body
son/o sound
tom/o to cut
viscer/o internal organs
xer/o dry
-gnosis knowing
-logist specialist in the study of
-logy study of
Created by: Klostberg