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Giattino - U4-4

The Age of Early European Explorations and Conquests

Motives for European Exploration Crusades Renaissance Reformation Monarchs seeking new sources of revenue. Technological advances Fame and Fortune
New Maritime Technologies Astrolabe Better Maps Compass
Prince Henry, the Navigator School for Navigation, 1419 Gathered experts in science, mapmaking, and ship building that helped create a fleet that explored the coast of West Africa
Bartolomeo Dias Rounded the Cape of Good Hope Southern tip of Africa
Vasco da Gama Followed Dias route around Africa and travelled across the Indian Ocean to an Indian port Helped establish an all-water trade route to India
Columbus Genoa convinced the Spanish Monarchs to finance his plan to reach Asia by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.Landed on an island in the Caribbean Sea – Thought it was India
Southern Africa Boers settled in southern Africa in Cape Colony. The Boers built Cape Town as a supply stationThe British then acquired Cape Colony in the early 1800s.
Imperialism The domination by one country of the political and/or economic life of another country Europeans countries competed with each other to gain colonies in Asia, Africa, and the Americas
Magellan Circumnavigation of the globe. Claimed the Philippine Islands for Spain in 1521
England and France Both gain influence in India. British East India Company made alliances with local rulers and created an army of Indian troops (Sepoys) pushed French out of their trading posts. England became the real power in India
How did Cortes defeat the Aztecs? The Spanish conquistadors had superior technology, such as guns and cannons. Smallpox
French and Indian War French vs. British & American Colonists--with Indians fighting on both sides. War in North America and Europe and is over land, farming and furs. France loses North America and the British take over their land. o control the colonies
The Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade Portuguese replaced European slaves with Africans. Scarcity of native Indian slaves. Sugar cane & sugar plantations. First boatload of African slaves brought by the Spanish in 1518. 275,000 enslaved Africans exported to other countries.
Encomienda System Colonies could only trade with Spain.. Conquistators given land. Native Americans had to pay tribute or work the land. African Slaves – Sugar Cane
Columbian Exchange A global exchange if people, plants, animals, ideas, and technology. Named for Columbus Positives – Trade and Cultural Diffusion, new crops (potatoes) grown. Negatives – Disease – Measles and Typhus
Capitalism The investment of money to make a profit
Mercantilism The policy of building up wealth by exporting more goods than the nation imported Colonies supplied the parent nation with raw materials and served as a market for its exports
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