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Skin System

WVSOM: Skin System (Sammon's Lectures)

Organism for hottub folliculitis psuedomonas
Acne vulgaris is an dlock of what pilsebaceous unit
Neonatal acne is caused by what left over hormones from mother
Whats different about acne rosacea NO comedones
What is different between inflammatory and non-inflammatory Inflammatory has a IMMUNE response, redness and papules/pustles/nodules
What does Benzy peroxide do reduces number of P. Ance
What do antibiotics do for ance reduce inflammation
Only acne drug to ever be shown to reduce effectivness of birth control rifampin
Caused by pox virus and has pink umbilicated papules Molluscum Contagiosum
Itches most at night scabies
What causes the itching in scabies scobala, or the poop
A individual with Karposi's sarcoma should be tested for... HIV
Is a wheal a primary or secondary lesion primary
Is a tumor a primary or secondary papule primary
Do erosions or ulcers heal w/o scarring erosions
What is an excoriation erosion caused by scratching
A thickened epidermis caused by scratching is called a.... Lichenification
Will hypopigmentation or depigmentation light up under a Woods lamp DEpigmentation
Which two types of cleansers have the highest (basic) pH soaps and combars
Which type of cleanser should you use on infants syndets
True or False: Moisterizers put water back into the skin FALSE, just keep water in
Most effective occlusive moisturizer petrolatum
What do humectants do? Pull water from enviornment (requires humidity above 70%, cause Keratinocytes to swell)
Which skin products are used in between washing and moisturizing astrigents and toners
Two mechansims behind sunscreen? Which one is poor for controlling UVA? block/absorb the UV energy and reflect it.UVA.
At which SPF do you get both UVA and UVB protection 30
Which UV source, A B or C, is more erythrogenic and seasonal UVB
What is the proper order of ability to keep in moisture between creams, oinments and lotions ointment > creams > lotions
Is it a good idea to use combinations of steroids and antibiotics? NO
What is tachyphylaxis reduced response to a drug due to enzyme induction and thus normal durg dose becomes ineffective
'Cidal' drugs work to reduce fungi by what mechanism killing them
'Static' drugs work to reduce fungi by what mechansim supressing them
Waxy brown "stuck on" plaques that look like they coudl just peel off are indicative of... Seborrhetic keratosis
Skin tags occur in areas of... Friction (DO NOT remove with string, more common in the obese, LOTS of bleeding when removed)
Usually found on the lower legs, these are TOUGH to the touch, and havea POSITIVE DIMPLE SIGN Dermatofibroma
Pruigo Nodularis is what? Commonly linked to? Itching nodular disease linked to psych disorders
Hyperpigmentation, usually on the face and seen 10x as much in women Melasma
6 or more cafe au lait spots can lead you to think about... von Recklinghous disease
Congeital small bumps on the buttocks, back of legs, and anterior legs Keratosis Pylaris
Vititigo is caused by what actual autoimmune disease that attacks melanocytes
Cough, coryza and conjunctivitis Measles
A disease that manifests a rash as soon as a high fever breaks rosiola
Caused by coxsackie virus Hand-foot-mouth disease
Alopecia Atreata is caused by.. autoimmune disease against the pigment in the hair follicles
True or False: The presence of auto-reactive antibodies are enough to warrent a diagonsis of some kind of disease (lupus, etc...) False
Strongest risk factor for Lupus Gender (females at more risk)
At what age does Lupus most often occur childhood
In which ethnicities does Lupus most often occur African Americans
'MD SOAP BRAIN' is used to describe what? What does it stand for Systemic Lupus. Malar Rash, Discoid lesiosn, Arthritis, Photosensitivity, Photosensitivity, Blood disorder, ANA, Immune response, Nueropathy
How many traits out of the 11 diagnotic criteria does a patient need to have in order to be diagnosed as having systemic lupus 4
In which form of lupus is ANA NOT expected to be seen Discoid Lupus
In which type of Lupus woudl you seen "carpet-tac lesions" Discoid
SS-A and SS-B antibodies Subacute Lupus
Papulosquamous and Annular Polycyclic pattern Subacute Lupus
What disease 'spares the knuckles' Subacute lupus
Which Lupus is ANA positive and has Anti-histone antibodies Drug induced antibodies
Which drug has been highly associated with drug induced lupus menecillin
SS-A negative with possible SS-B positive or neagtive Neonatal lupus
which lupus is associated with congenital heart block neonatal lupus
Dermatomyositis is actually inflammation in which tissue that presents cutaneously muscle
A case of dermatomyositis shoudl lead you to suspect... Ovarian cancer in females
While Lupus tends to spare the knuckle, which disease will manifest right on top of them dermatomyositis
A positive anti-Jo-1 antibody Dermatomyositis
CREST syndrome satnds for what and is assocaited with which disease Calcinosis Cutis, Raynaud Phenomenon, Esophageal dysmotility, Sclerodacytly, Teleangecasia and is associated with Systemic Sclerosis
Whar is the localized form of sclerodoma called Morphia
Autoantibodies to Type II Collagen Relapsing Polychondritis
ant-U1-RNP antibodies Mixe connective tissue disease
WHich has a higher malignancy, congeital or acquried Nevi congenital
The tyndal effect is what Brown pigments that absorb longer wavelengths of light apparently turning them blue
What type of Nevi has a "fried egg" appearance Dysplastic Nevi
What is a Beckers Nevi NOT a true melanocytic nevi. Overgrowth of smooth muscle seen on SHOULDER. Also is usally seen on a brown papule and has hair
An immune reaction toward a Nevi may yeild what type of Nevi Halo Nevi
What are the two most common forms of malignant melanomas Spreading (70%) and nudular
This is a malignant melanoma effecting mostly african americans and asians and occurs on the soles, phalanges, palms and mucous membrane Lentigo Maligna
A pigmented band that occurs in a nail or nail fold Hutichinsons Sign
ABCDE's of melanomas stand for... Asymetry, borders, color, Diameter and Evolving
At which Breslow depth do you sample the sentinal lymph node 1mm
What was psoriasis thought to be linked to Leprosy
Well demarcated, erthematous plaques, with scales psoriasis
What pathological mechanism is thought to be associated with psoriasis T-cell disease
Urethritis, arthritis and psoriasis altogether makes up which disease Reiters
Methotrexate is damaging to what organ Liver
Cyclosproin is damaging to what organ Kidney
Guttate psoriais is linked to what bacterial infection strep
Erythema multiform is linked to which type of infection herpes
Erythema NOdosum is most commonly caused by.. oral birth control or coccidiovirus in San Jaun Valley
Very common and is seen as Cradle Cap in newborns. Has a greasy scale and minor itching Seborrehtic dermatitis
Red-orange plaques, follicular papules and Islands of Sparing Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris
Christmas tree pattern, Herald Patch, Collarette scale and Syphilis Pityriasis Rosea
Pruitic, Planar, Polyangular, purple, papules Lichen Planus
Where will lichen planus ALWAYS manifestq buccal mucosa
Lichen sclerosis is treated with what CLASS 1 STEROIDS
Gumma are seen when stage 3 syphilis
Copper colored oval papules are seen with moth eatch alopecia in which disease syphilis, stage 2
Gluten sensitive enteropathy Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Which disease has IgA deposited associated with GI hemorrage and abnormal jejunal mucosa Dermatitis Hepretiformis
anti-desmoglein 1 and 3 antibodies pemphigus
BP230 and BP180 antibodies Pemphigoid
Four phases of wound healing INflammatory, Migratory, Proliferative, and Late-proliferative
Erythema, edema, heat and pain occur in which stgae of healing inflammatory
Angiogenesis occurs in which stage of healing migratory
Fibroblast and conraction dominate which stage of healing proliferative
Most dog bites are treated with which wound intention primary
Snake bites are usually treated with which intention secondary
Human bites are treated with which intention tertiary
Which vitamin is MOST important in healing vit C
Which trace element is most important in healing Zinc
Do steroids help wound healing NO
Do anti-inflammatories inhibit wound healing NO
Besides steroids, which condition is extremely detrimental to wound healing diabetes
Does ionizing radiation have more effects on basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma niether!
Smoking, Arsenic and HPV increase risk for SCC
Bowens disease is associated with what Squamous cell in situ
Pearly Papule with plaque or depressed center BCC
What is the treatment of choice for Morpheaform BCC Mohs
What are the levels of toxicity for lidociane with and w/o epi 7mg WITH eip, 5mg w/o
Do you use punch biposies on a malignant tumor no
Which causes more damage electrodessication or electrofulgaration electrodesication
Diuretic that you DO NOT want to give during pregnancy Spironalactone
Palpable Purpura are associated with... vasculitis
Pityriasis Rosea is associated with which viral infection syphylis
Lichen Planis is associated with which viral infection Hep c
Are you able to remove a mephiaform BCC in the office NO
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