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Ancient Greece

Kennedy Middle School

what type of landform is Greece peninsula
describe the geography of Greece it is a peninsula with rugged mountains and thousands of islands
what is a City-State? city that governs itself and its surrounding area
what role did mountains and the sea play in developing the concept of Greek citizenship these geographic features isolated Greek city-states from each other and from other nations, leading Greeks to think of their communities as small, independent countries
what civilization was the first to settle in Crete Minoan civilization
what happened to Mycenaean civilization during the Dark Age it collapsed, people became poor, the Dorians invaded and the art of writing was lost
what may have caused the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization earthquake and civil war
why did the Greeks establish colonies they established colonies because farmers could not grow enough grain to feed the increasing population
who governed Greek City-States? citizens
what are the requirements of being a citizen of ancient Greece only males who had been born in the polis and owned land were citizens
which Greek City-State was the first to form a democracy Athens
what were the ancient Greeks' most important economic activities trade and farming
the______ was a time when culture and ideas diffused to the Middle East and Mediterranean Worlds after the conquests of___________. Hellenistic Era, Alexander The Great
from whom did the Greeks adopt their alphabet Phoenicians
what are the religious beliefs of the ancient Greeks they believed that gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus and acted like humans. They expressed their religious beliefs through mythology
the Hellenistic kings wanted what city to serve as a cultural model for all cities Alexandria, Egypt
what are the two types of drama that the Greeks performed at religious festivals Comedy and Tragedy
name the three philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
which philosopher asked questions to gain the truth and then died because of his belief Socrates
which philosopher was a student of Socrates and he started the school "The Academy" Plato
which philosopher wrote over 200 books with subjects ranging from poetry, art, government, law, and science Aristotle
who was the father of medicine Hippocrates
who was the father of history Herodotus
who conquered Persia, Egypt, the Middle East , and Northern India Alexander the Great
who computed the closest value to pi Archimedes
who wrote Elements; book about plane geometry Euclid
which Greek scientist believed that all relationships in the world could be expressed in numbers Pythagorus
which Greek scientist in charge of Alexandria's library figured out that the earth was round Erasthenes
who was responsible for unifying the greek city-states into a centralized government King Phillip II
who was responsible for construction of the Parthenon and the Acropolis; and created a democracy in Athens Pericles
Created by: tbostwick