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Ancient Greece Vocab

Kennedy Middle School

Agora a gathering place marketplace in ancient Greece
bard someone who writes or performs epic poems or stories about heroes and their deeds
cavalry soldiers who fight while riding horses
colony - a group of people living in a new territory with close ties to their homeland; the new territory itself
democracy - a government by the people “demos”-“common people; “-cracy”-“rule” or “government” p. 184
direct democracy a form of democracy in which all citizens can participate firsthand in the decision-making process
drama - a story that is told by the actions and spoken words of actors
ephor a high-ranking government official in Sparta who was elected by the council of elders
Hellenistic Era - time period after Alexander died when Greek culture spread to all the lands in his empire
helot - a slave in ancient Sparta
Hippocratic Oath - a set of promises about patient care that new doctors make when they start practicing medicine
myth a traditional story that explains a culture’s beliefs or part of the natural world
oligarchy a government in which a small group has control “oligo-“ “few or small
peninsula- - a piece of land nearly surrounded by water
phalanx - a group of armed footoldiers in ancient Greece arranged close together in rows
philosopher a person who searches for wisdom or enlightenment
polis a Greek city-state
representative democracy a form of democracy in which citizens elect officials to govern on their behalf
rhetoric- the art of public speaking and debate
satrap - the governor of a province in ancient Persia
satrapy a province in ancient Persia
Socratic method - philosophical method of questioning to gain truth; developed by Socrates
Sophists - Greek teachers of philosophy, reasoning, and public speaking
tragedy - a drama in which characters struggle to overcome problems, but fail
tyrant an absolute ruler unrestrained by law
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