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Final Exam 1 Vocab

Vernacular The everyday language of people in a region or country.
Polytheism The belief in many gods.
Monotheism The belief in one god.
Atheism The belief in no god.
Humanism An intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievement.
Democracy A form of government with rule by the people.
Manor The lord's estate in feudalism.
Secular To be worldly.
Feudalism A system of governing and landholding in the Middle Ages.
Siddhartha Gautama The prince who left his family and became the founder of Buddhism.
Abraham Founder of Judaism- important in Christianity and Islam as well.
Mohammad Founder of Islam
Shi'a A division in Islam that believes the Muhammad's successor must be a relative and acknowledges Ali and his descendants as the rightful successor.
Sunni A division within Islam that holds that Muhammad's successor could be any Muslim who followed the example of Muhammad
Pope Head of the Roman Catholic Church.
Jesus Christianity is built on the teachings of this person.
Torah The holy book of Judaism.
Nirvana In Buddhism, this is a state of perfect wisdom and understanding of the basic truths of universe and results in a stop to reincarnation.
Bible The holy book of Christianity is called the ______________
Quran The holy book of Islam is called the ________________.
Patron This was a wealthy person who invested (gave money to) artists and writers during the Renaissance.
The Crusades A series of wars started by European Christians in an effort to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslims
Mercantilism This was a system of economic trade that occurred between Europe, Africa, and the New World (the Americas).
Islam "submission to the will of Allah"
stability looks at the way the society organized its people based on three dimensions
achievement When societies build, create, or study something
decline Why some societies fail:
Khanate Mongols had divided their huge empire into four regions,
steppe a large area of flat unforested grassland in southeastern Europe or Siberia
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