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World Studies Unit 2

Citizenship and Governance

Which principle is governments and citizens working together? Principle 5
Which principle is governments using power to get things done? Principle 2
Which principle is people organizing for stability and safety? Principle 1
Which principle is governments using power differently? Principle 3
Which purpose of government is being met by Roman emperors building protective walls to defend the empire from invaders? prepare for a common defense
Which purpose of government is being met by citizens being put in jail or harmed if they spoke out again the Roman emperor? protect rights
Which purpose of government is being met by expanding trade to China and India? support the economy
Which purpose of government is being met by Augustus creating a special police force to enforce laws in the empire? promote rule of law
Which purpose of government is being met by the Roman government building aqueducts, roads, and bridges? providing public services
What influence did the Etruscans have on Rome? provided culture such as an alphabet, bridges, aqueducts, roads, and other architectures
What did the plebeians want in the early Roman Republic? for the patricians to lose control of the government
How were the plebeians involved in the government? Tribunes could veto laws created by the Senate
What was citizenship like in the Roman Republic? There were different levels of rights given to different people
How did the Roman Republic provide public services? aqueducts provided fresh water
How did the Punic Wars lead to the expansion of Rome? After the defeat of Carthage, Rome had control of the Mediterranean
What was the Pax Romana? 200 years of peace and stability in the empire
What did Diocletian do to try to save the empire? divide the empire into Eastern and Western sections
What are some of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire? barbarians invaded, economy declined, poor leadership, military declined, population declined, empire grew too large
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