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Medical term test

Adenoma Gland + tumor
Hydrocele Water cyst
Myoedema Muscle swelling
Dermatology Study of skin
Gastritis Stomach inflammation
Cholecystectomy Gallbladder removal
Bronchostaxis Windpipe bleeding
Pericardium Outside of heart
Bradycardia Slow heart
Myosalpingitis Muscle Fallopian tube inflammation
Pyelonephritis Pelvis kidney inflammation
Nephromegaly Kidney enlargement
Orchioneuralgia Testes nerve pain
Neuroencephalomyelopathy Nerves brain spinal disease
Neurogastric Nerves stomach
Myalgia Muscle pain
Pneumoradiography Lung X-ray record
Hypodermis Below skin
Pneumonitis Lung inflammation
Gastrotomy Stomach incision
Gastroenterology Stomach intestines study of
Neuroarthropathy Nerves joint disease
Cardioptosia Heart dropping
Odontoscopy Tooth exam
Melanoderma Black skin dark pigmentation
Purpurinuria Purple urine
p.c After meals
O.D Right eye
qod Every other day
CXR Chest X-ray
High fowlers Sitting at 90 degree angle
Face down
Supine Lying on back
Medical abbreviation for half ss
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