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Historical Books Q

How were the Historical Books divided? Theocratic, Monarchical, Restoration
The Theocratic Books are? Joshua, Judges, Ruth
The Monarchical Books are? I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, I and II Chronicles
The Restoration Books are? Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
What were Joshua's "outstanding qualities"? Obedient Faith, Courage, Dedication to God and His Word
Why was Israel defeated at AI? Sin of one man
How did Israel defeat Jericho? Through faith and obedience to God
Who was the only family spared at Jericho? Rahab's
What did Rahab's scarlet cord represent? Salvation by the Blood of Christ Freedom
Why did the Israelites not conquer all the land promised? Complacency/ Lack of faith
Joshua 1:8 says? Observe and do the law of the Lord that you may be blessed
What is the sin cycle? Temptation; Sin; Judgment; Repentance; Restoration; Complacency
Who were the three Judges? Deborah, Gideon, Samson
Who was Samuel? Last Judge of Israel
Who are the main characters in I Samuel? Eli, Samuel, Saul, David
 What was the first Transition of Leadership? Eli to Samuel
Why was Samuel's Leadership needed? Eli's sons were evil and abused their position of authority
What was the third transition of Leadership? Saul to David
Why did God reject Saul and establish David as King of Israel? Saul's disobedience/lack of true repentance
Why did God establish David as King of Israel? David's obedience/true repentance
What is the Davidic Covenant? Descendants on the Throne Forever
What is the Mosaic Covenant? Law, Passover, Deliverance
What was the Spiritual Triumph of David? Institution of the Davidic Covenant
What from God did Solomon ask? Wisdom
What caused Solomon to walk away from God? Pleasures of life, bad choices, bad influence
What was the result of Solomon's fall? God's judgment and a divided Kingdom
What caused Rehoboan to lose his kingdom? Bad advice from friends
What two kings divided the Kingdom? Jeroboam and Rehoboam
Who were the main characters in I King's? Solomon and Elijah
How did Elijah defeat the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel? Calling fire down from heaven
What were the Divided Kingdoms? Israel and Judah
Who was the Surviving Kingdom? Judah
Why did God spare Judah longer than Israel from destruction? Judah has 8 Righteous Kings
What son of Noah did the Line of Christ come through? Shem
What son of Abraham did the line of Christ come through? Jacob
How many sons did Israel have? 12
I and II Chronicles covered the same material with a spiritual perspective as: II Samuel - II Kings
Through whom was the Davidic Covenant fulfilled? King Jesus
In what temple does God now resides? Followers of Christ
First Return - Zerubbabel Built the Temple
Second Return - Ezra Reformation of the people
Third Return -Nehemiah Built the walls
Created by: anvalencia
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