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Chapters 15, 16

A form of government in which the leader is not a king and certain citizens have the right to vote. Republic
to gain or achieve Attain
language of everyday speech in a particular region Vernacular
Basic or essential Fundamental
The state of being saved through faith alone or through faith and good works. Salvation
A release from all or part of punishment for sin by the Catholic Church, reducing time in purgatory after death. Indulgences
A soldier who fights primarily for pay. Mercenary
The action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God. Justification
Declare invalid Annul
The religious doctrine developed by Martin Luther. The first protestant faith. Lutheranism
Which of the following was not one of the 5 major Italian city-states during the post-classical era? Paris
Which of the following contributed to an increase in the literacy rate in Europe during the post-classical era? Printing press
Which of the following was Luther most upset about in regards to the Catholic Church? The selling of indulgences
Martin Luther was began the reformation in Germany.
Which of the following was not one of the three elements supported by the Catholic Reformation? A stronger link between church and state.
An artistic techniques that give the effect of three-dimensional depth Perspective.
The main way in which the works of Northern European Renaissance artists differed from those of Italian artists was in scale.
An artistic technique used to give the effect of 3D depth to 2D surfaces. Perspective
The belief that God has determined in advance who will be saved and who will be damned. Predestination
Valid means well grounded or justifiable.
Luther’s _____ attacked abuses of the Church. Ninety-five Theses
An indulgenge was a piece of paper or document signed by a church official that released the bearer from all or part of the punishment for sin.
Lutheranism was the first Protestant faith.
The Renaissance produced master artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
Fresco made paintings come alive.
Education became ________ focused on religion during the Renaissance. less
_____ were at the core of humanist schools. Liberal Studies
The invention of the _____ contributed to a rise in literacy. printing press
Outward of observable External
Cultural rebirth that occurred in Europe. Renaissance
Make changes in something in order to improve it. Reform
Succeed in material terms. Prosper
Having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent. Valid
Taught salvation through faith alone, not good works. Lutheranism
Emphasized the development of human potential in all spheres, including, politics, literature, art and science? Humanism
Islam, Ancient Rome, and the Byzantines aided in the development of the Renaissance.
Charles V accepting the division between Catholicism and Lutheranism in Germany at the The Peace of Augsburg
John Calvin became a Protestant leader based on his writings about predestination.
Henry VIII defied the Catholic Church and had Parliament declare the Act of Supremacy, which created the C
Luther’s __________________ attacked abuses of the Church. Ninety-five Theses
Lutheranism was the first Protestant faith.
Education became _________ focused on religion during the Renaissance. ] less
Religion was _________________ of humanist schools. NOT at the core of humanist schools.
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