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UA/Micro Chapter 27

What type of bacteria, which is considered normal flora in the intestinal tract, could cause an infection if it enters the urinary tract? Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Which infectious agent should be reported to the Public Health Department? Salmonella
which patient would be most susceptible to an opportunistic infection? a patient who has undergone a recent organ transplant
which characteristics help identify bacteria morphology, staining characteristics, structure
cocci that appears in chains are identified as streptococci
which reagent used in gram staining process is know as mordant or fixative iodine
what organism has a gram stain report that is pink and rod-shaped gram negative bacilli
bacteria that grows only in the absence of oxygen and usually responsible for wound infections anareobic
which specimen would you not expect to find normal flora blood
what bacteria would be considered a pathogen in the urinary tract pseudonomas
what does a sensitivity test determine antibiotic of choice
microbiology specimens must be placed on the culture medium through a process known as incoculation
purpose of a bacteria culture growth and isolation
organism that lives in, on, or the expense of another organism host is known as parasite
what condition would cellophane tape prep test be preformed pinworm
mycology (the study of fungi) includes yeasts and molds
which test is used to identify types of fungi KOH
fungal species responsible for vaginal infections and thrush candida
common method of streaking the plate for colony growth and isolation four quadrant
which classification on a culture and sensitivity report would indicate the antibiotic of choice (S)
term that refers to classification of living organisms into proper category using a specific set of laws and principles taxonomy
the prefix strepto means bacteria occurring in chains
bacteria's two names first - genus, second - species
a patient on antibiotic therapy may be prone to developing what type of additional infection fungus/yeast
varicella-zoster chicken pox
calicivirus adult gastroenteritis
Epstein-Barr virus infectious mononucleosis
rotavirus infant gastroenteritis
coronavirus common cold
herpes simplex type 1 fever blisters
human papilloma virus genital warts
respiratory syncytial virus croup
streptococcus pyogenes scarlet fever
staphylococcus aureus skin and would infection
bordetella pertussis whooping cough
salmonella species typhoid fever
escherichia coli sepsis
neisseria species gonorrhea
shigella species dysentery
klebsiella pneumoniae lobar pneumonia
Created by: gcjlentz
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