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Bible Characters


Bible CharacterDescription
Joshua Son of Nun. He ministered to Moses and was later appointed to lead Israel. He fearlessly led God's people into the Promised Land. He trusted Jehovah's promises, obeyed his direction, and served him faithfully.
Daniel Likely a prince, born into the tribe of Judah. A faithful prophet who was inspired to write a Bible Book in his name. He was possibly in his teens when he and other royal family members and nobles were taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and moved to Babylon.
Ruth A faithful Moabite widow who supported her aged mother-in-law, Naomi. Her loyal love for Naomi and her determination to worship Jehovah gave her the strength to leave her homeland and move to Bethlehem.
Esther An orphan who became queen of Persian King Ahasuerus. Esther risked her life to report a plot formed to destroy the Jews.
Abraham A faithful man who left his home in Ur in order to carry out Jehovah's will, despite not knowing where he would live. He always taught his household to "keep Jehovah's way to do righteousness". The Bible calls him "the father of all those having faith".
Abel The second son of Adam and Eve and the first man of faith listed in the Bible. He proved that he wanted God’s favor by offering an acceptable sacrifice. Although the Bible does not record anything he said, his example and faith set a pattern for us.
Peter A hardworking fisherman who became one of Jesus’ disciples. Jesus chose him as one of his 12 apostles, or sent-forth ones. The 4 Gospels list more of his statements than any other apostle. Jehovah used him to preach and to strengthen his brothers.
Hezekiah A faithful king who repaired and reopened God’s temple, destroyed objects of false worship, and urged people to observe the Passover. Despite the bad example of his father, King Ahaz, he “kept sticking to Jehovah."
Jeremiah Selected before his birth to be a prophet. he served God faithfully for over 65 years. Though he felt inexperienced and afraid to speak, Jehovah told him: “Do not be afraid. . . , for ‘I am with you to deliver you.’ ”
Solomon The 2nd son of David and Bath-sheba. He ruled Israel for 40 years. He built a great house for Jehovah’s worship. Jehovah used him to write Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. Bad association with foreign wives led him away from Jehovah.
Joseph The 1st son of Jacob and Rachel. His jealous brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt where he spent 13 years as a slave. Instead of taking revenge, he forgave his repentant half brothers. He remained chaste, hardworking, and trustworthy.
Isaiah A faithful prophet, who made the worship of God a family activity. He set a good example for them by the way he carried out his ministry. His wife was called “the prophetess.” Isaiah served God for at least 46 years. His name means “Salvation of Jehovah.”
Job A man “blameless and upright” in God’s eyes. Though his wife and others pressured him, he never turned away from serving God. His perseverance and happy outcome give us the courage to endure our trials loyally.
Samuel His parents “lent him to Jehovah” and encouraged him to make God’s service his career from a young age. Though he saw corrupt priests take advantage of others, he remained loyal, honest, and brave.
David Son of Jesse, and the second King of Israel. A skilled poet and musician, he wrote more than 73 of the psalms. He humbly sought Jehovah’s direction in his life. Jehovah called he “a man agreeable to my heart.”
Timothy He had an unbelieving father, he became “an example to the faithful ones in speaking, conduct, love, faith, chasteness.” He applied Biblical advice: “Be training yourself with godly devotion as your aim.” He assisted the apostle Paul for some 15 years.
Jonah A prophet of Jehovah who served during the reign of King Jeroboam II. Jehovah taught him not to focus on himself but to care about the needs of others. His experiences teach us that Jehovah is extremely patient, merciful, and kind to sinful humans.
Josiah Though his father, Amon, was bad, he did “what was right in Jehovah’s eyes.” He chose to listen to those who loved God rather than to those who were bad association. His humility and appreciation for true worship brought him God’s favor.
Paul A former persecutor of Christians who converted and became an apostle to the nations. He was used by Jehovah to write 14 books of the Greek Scriptures. He traveled thousands of miles as a missionary and created congregations in Europe and Asia Minor.
Noah He taught his family to obey Jehovah’s instructions. In obedience to God, he built an ark to preserve his family and the animals through a great flood. Despite ridicule, he faithfully endured as “a preacher of righteousness.”
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