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New Testament 09

New Testament Notes

The first disciples were? Simon and Andrew
The 12 disciples are? Simon, James, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, Thaddeus, Simon, Judas
Who betrayed Jesus? Judas.
What was the sign Judas used to show the soldiers which man to arrest? A kiss.
The Lord said "No one can serve two masters: You cannot serve God and ____" Money.
Peter denied Jesus ____ times. Three.
an epistle is what a letter
When Jesus had dinner with Mary and Martha what did Mary do to Jesus? Anointed his feet.
When Jesus came to Jerusalem what did they lay on the ground? Palm tree branches.
After the prodigal son runs away he realizes his sin and goes _______ (where). Back home to his father.
_______ keeps us from being good neighbors. Selfishness.
_____ was the fifth Roman procutator, or governor installed by the Romans in 6CE? Pontius Pilot.
Nazareth is in _____? Galilee.
Synoptic means? "One-eye"
What is believed to be the last written gospel? John.
What king was the messiah expected to be descended from? David.
In the story of the Good Samaritan who helped the man who got attacked? Who did not help him? Samaritian. Priest and Levite.
Testament means? Covenant.
in the Beginning was God's _____ Word.
Believed to be the first gospel written? Mark.
_____ uses 90% of Mark in its gospel? Matthew.
Which gospel is not synoptic? John.
What does Abba mean? It's a more intimate name for father.
Where was Jesus baptized? Jordan River.
What happened in the temple when Jesus died? The curtain ripped.
How did Jesus tell us to pray? In secret. Alone. In our rooms. With the door closed.
The Last Supper took place on the first evening of what Jewish religious festival? Passover.
True or False: Jesus continued to appear to his disciples after his death? TRUE.
What is the word for "rule" or "standard"? Canon.
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