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Female Repro System

Female Reproduction System Vocab Chapter 17

Bartholin's Glands 2 small, mucus-secreting glands located on the posterior and lateral aspects of the entrance to the vagina
Cervical Dysplasia presence of abnormal tissue in the uterine cervix; this atypical tissue may be precancerous
Climacteric cessation of menstruation
Colpopexy surgical fixation of a relaxed vaginal wall
Corpus Luteum is a temporary endocrine structure involved in ovulation and early pregnancy
Cul-De-Sac pouch located between the uterus and rectum within the peritoneal cavity; serves as support for uterus
Ectopic Pregnancy abnormal implantation of a fertilized ovum outside the uterine cavity; also called tubal pregnancy
Fimbriae fringelike end of the fallopian tube
Fourchette tense band of mucous membranes at the posterior rim of the vaginal opening; point the labia minora connect
Fundus dome-shaped central, upper portion of the uterus between the points of insertion of the fallopian tubes
Galactorrhea discharge or flow of milk from breasts of women who are not breastfeeding
Gamete mature sperm or ovum
Graafian Follicles a mature, fully developed ovarian cyst containing the ripe ovum
Hysterosalpingography an X-ray of the uterus and the fallopian tubes by injecting a contrast material into these structures
Menometrorrhagia excessive flow of menstrual period and at times other than the menstrual period
menorrhea menstrual flow; menstruation
Menses another name for menstruation
Myometrium muscular layer of the uterine wall
Nulligravida woman never been pregnant
Nullipara a woman has never completed a pregnancy beyond 20 weeks
Ovariorrhexis rupture of an ovary
Primigravida woman pregnant for the first time
Primipara woman who has given birth for the first time, after a pregnancy of at least 20 weeks' gestation
Vulva external genitalia; also known as the pudendum
Amenorrhea absence of menstrual flow
Dysmenorrhea painful menstrual flow
Menorrhagia abnormally long or very heavy menstrual periods
Metrorrhagia uterine bleeding at times other than the menstrual period
Oligomenorrhea abnormally light or infrequent menstruation
Endometriosis presence and growth of endometrial tissue in areas outside the endometrium
Fibrocystic Breast Disease presence of single or multiple fluid-filled cysts that are palpable in the breasts
Leiomyoma benign, smooth-muscle tumor of the uterus
Vaginitis inflammation of the vagina and the vulva
Colposcopy visual examination of the vagina and cervix with a colposcope
Cone Biopsy surgical removal of a cone-shaped segment of the cervix for diagnosis or treatment; also known as conization
Dilation and Curettage Dilation or widening of the cervical canal with a dilator, followed by scraping of the uterine lining with a curet
Laparoscopy process of viewing the abdominal cavity with a laparoscope
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) used to remove abnormal cells from the surface of the cervix using a thin wire loop that acts like a scapel; painless electrical current passes through the loop as it cuts away a thin layer of surface cells from the cervix
Liquid-Based Pap (LBP) "Pap Smear"
Pelvimetry process of measuring the female pelvis, manually or by X-ray, to determine its adequacy for childbearing
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