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Innovations meso

Mesopotamia innovations

Name of InnovationFacts About InnovationPurpose of InnovationWhat The Innovation is Today
Chariot The drove the chariot down the middle of the battlefield, splitting the 2 armies, then the armies would come together and fight. Carries higher people into battle. Also transported goods. A chariot is known as a car
Sailboat The first sailboats were used for trade only! Trade and travel The sailboat is known as a sailboat/ship/boat.
Astronomy Deals with stars and planets. Has been around for a long time. The Maya were the first civilization that really used astronomy. Finding the best time to plant crops, seasons change and to record star formation. Astronomy is astronomy
Cuneiform Was written by a reed styles and wet clay tables. To document ideas, write. document ideas and communicate with each other as one civilization must to survive. Cuneiform is known today as paper and pencil.
Wheel Oxen pulled a cart, the cart had 2 wheels so that the cart would move. To help people travel around the region. Also for trade and goods transport. The wheel was easy because the wheel can role over any surface. The wheel is known today as a car's wheels.
Irrigation The system that provided Mesopotamia with protection from flooding. The main water sources of Mesopotamia for irrigation were the Tigris and Euphrates river. Irrigation Included are dikes, dams, canals, gated ditches, ditches, gates and levees. The purpose was to water crops more efficiently. Also to bring water to the vast land of Mesopotamia. The Innovation is know today as pipelines, canals and dams. The pipelines (like the acieant Romans) relayed on garvity for the pipes to work.
Plow Was a Sumerian invention. Was pulled By oxen. The purpose was to straighten fields for growing crops better than before. A plow is a plow just it's bigger.
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