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Great Wall a vast sheet of a many thousands of gravitationally associate galaxies detected in the universe.
Classical China of relating to ,or character of the ancient greeks and romans or their civilization
Post Classical China a length of wood ,metal,etc. fixed upright in the ground to serve as a support,maker,point of attachment
Bronze casting any hard water resistant alloy consisting of copper and smaller proportions of zinc and sometimes zinc and lead
Magnetic compass something metal is magnetic ,it acts like a magnet
Civil service system you use civil to describe events that happen within a country and that involve the different groups of people
Qin Shi Huangdi hung in the past tense and past participle of mostof the senses of hang
Wu-ti chinese emperor of the han dynasty , who greatly extended the chinese empire .
Chengo a variant transliteration of the chinese name
Mandate of Heaven an official or authoritative instruction or command
Zhou the pinyin transliteration of the chinese name
Dynasty a sequence of hereditary rulers
Laozi chinese philosopher , traditionally regarded as the founder of taoism and the author of the tao te ching
Confucius chinese philosopher and teacher of ethics
Han Fei Zswxei chinese diplomat and philosopher of law
Merchant a person engaged in the purchase and sale of commodities for profit
Skilled tradesman possessing or demonstrating accomplishment , skill ,or special training.
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