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Chapter 12&15

Medical Term Study Test

pus py/o
skin dermat/o
hair pil/o
sweat hidr/o
hairy hirsut/o
horny,hard kerat/o
fat lip/o
black,dark melan/o
fungus myc/o
nail onych/o
skin cutane/o
wrinkle rhytid/o
sebum seb/o
rash urtic/o
dry xer/o
skinfold infection around the nail paronychia
an infestation with lice pediculosis
pinpoint hemorrhages smaller than 2 millimeters petechiae
itching pruritus
producing or containing pus purulent
cluster of connected furuncles carbuncle
infection within the connective tissue cellulitis
also known as the mask of pregnancy chloasma
normal scar from a healing wound cicatrix
non infected buildup pf sebum and keratin in a hair follicles comedo
a large bruise ecchymosis
skin redness due to dilated capillaries erythema
inflammation of hair follicles folliculitis
also known as boils furuncles
excessive body and facial hair in women hirsutism
widespread rash in children exanthem
fungal infection of a nail onychomycosis
spontaneous bruises 2 to 10 millimeters in diameter purpura
infestation with the itch mite scabies
overproduction of sebum seborrhea
albumin albumin/o
calcium calc/i
surgical puncture -centesis
creatinine creatin/o
glucose glycos/o
the process of producing a picture or record -graphy
blood hemat/o
abdomen lapar/o
surgical incision -otomy
vein phleb/o
radiation radi/o
visual examination instrument -scope
direct visual examination -scopy
sound son/o
urine -uria
the presence of glucose in the urine glycosuria
the presence of blood in urine hematuria
extremely high fever hyperthermia
abnormally low body temperature hypothermia
the presence of keystones in the urine ketonuria
instrument used to examine the interior of the eye ophthalmoscope
instrument used to examine the external ear canal and tympanic membrane otoscope
instrument used to enlarge the opening of a body canal speculum
instrument used when measuring blood pressure sphygmomanometer
instrument used to listen to sounds within the body stethoscope
into the middle layers of the skin intradermal
directly into muscle tissue intramuscular
directly into vein intravenous
into the fatty layer just below the skin subcutaneous
absorb through intact skin transdermal
patients lying on back with the feet and legs supported in stirrups lithotomy position
patient lying face down on belly prone position
substance that allows x-rays to pass through radiolucent
substance that does not allow x-rays to pass through radiopaque
any position in which the patient is lying down recumbent
Albinism inherited deficiency or absence of pigment in the skin,hair and irises of the eye
Squamous Cell Carcioma originates in the squamous cells of the epithelium and can quickly spread to other body systems
Bulla large blister larger than 1/2 centimeter in diameter
Xeroderma excessively dry skin
Blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery "lid-lift"
Actinic Keratosia precancerous skin growth;excessive exposure to the sun
Debridement removal of dirt,foreign object,damaged tissue and debris from a wound
Alopecia Baldness
Vitiligo autoimmune disorder in whitish area of skin
Urticaria Hives
Dermatitis inflammation of the skin
Wheal small bump that itches often appears as a symptom of allergic reaction
Dysplastic Nevi typical mole that can develop into cancer
Tinea ringworm
Eczema form of dermatitis associated with itching,redness,blistering and oozing
Verrucae small hard skin lesions caused by papilloma virus
Diaphoresis profuse sweating
Rhytidectomy surgical removal of excess skin and fat to remove wrinkles
Capillary hemangioma soft,raised pink or red birthmark
Psoriasis skin disorder with red papules covered with silvery scales
Scleroderma autoimmune disorder where connective tissue becomes thick and hard
Hematoma swelling of clotted blood trapped in the tissue
Rosacea chronic condition that produces redness,tiny pimples and broken blood vessels
Exfoliative dermatitis widespread scaling of the skin,often with pruritus, erythroderma, and hair loss
Keloid raised or thickened scar that expands beyond the boundaries of the incision
Ichthyosis group of hereditary disorders characterized by dry,thick and scaly skin
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus autoimmune disorder characterized by red,scaly rash on the face and upper trunk
Granuloma small knot-like swelling of the granulation tissue
Koilonychia malformation of the nails which the outer surface is scooped out like the bowl of a spoon
Lipoma benign fatty deposit under the skin that causes a lump
Onychocryptosis ingrown toenail
Macule discolored flat spot "freckle"
Necrotizing fascitis flesh-eating bacteria
Keratosis skin growth "warts or callus"
Lipedema painful fat syndrome
Erythroderma abnormal redness of the entire skin
Malignant melaoma type of skin cancer that occurs in melanocytes
Papilloma benign,superficial wart like growth on the epithelial tissue
Papule small,raised red lesion less than 1/2 centimenter
Impetigo highly contagious bacterial infection, isolated pustules that become crusted and rupture
Sim's Position patient is lying on the left side with right knee and thigh drawn up and left arm placed along the back
Auscultation listening through a stethoscope for respiratory,heart and sounds within the body
Transesophageal echocardiography ultrasonic imaging used to evaluate heart structures
Percussion diagnostic procedure used by tapping the body surface with a finger
Proteinuria abnormal amount of protein in the urine
Rales abnormal rattle or crackle sound heard when breathing
Arthroentesis surgical puncture of the joint space to remove synovial fluid
Pyuria pus in the urine
Computed Tomography (CT) thin fan shaped x-ray beam that rotates around the patient to produce multiple cross sectional views
Echocardiography ultrasonic procedure to evaluate the structures and motion of the heart
Acupuncture Traditional Chinese medical practice using very thin needles inserted into specific points of the body
Fluoroscopy Visualization of body parts in motion by projecting x-ray images on a luminous fluorescent screen
Hematocrit Volume of a blood sample occupied by red cells
Palliative Substance that eases the pain or severity of a disease,but doesn't cure it
Laproscopy Visual examination of the interior of the abdomen with the use of a laparoscope
Magnetic resource imaging (MRI) Uses radio waves and strong magnetic field to create diagnostic images of plane through body
Idiosyncratic Unexpected response to a drug
Acetaminophen Analgesic that reduces pain and fever but does not relieve inflammation
Parenteral Taken into the body in a manner other than through the digestive tract
Bacteriuria Bacteria in the urine
Stridor Abnormal high pitched musical breathing sound caused by blockage in the throat or larynx
Contraindication Use of a particular medication dangerous or ill
Urinalysis Examination of the physical and chemical properties of urine
Endoscope Small flexible tube with a light and lens at the end that is used for examination
Compliance Consistency and accuracy in following the regimen prescribed by the physician
Bruit Abnormal sound heard during auscultation of the artery
Phlebotomy Puncture of a vein for a purpose to drawl blood
Analgesic Drug that relieves pain without affecting consciousness
Ultrasonography Imagine technique that records and used the echoes of pulse sound waves above the range of human hearing
Placebo Substance that contains no active ingredients but given for its suggestive effects
Antipyretic Medication that is administered to prevent or reduce fever
Single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) Nuclear imagining technique that produces 3D computer reconstructed images
Perfusion Flow of blood through an organ
Albuminuria Protein albumin in the urine
Interventional radiology Use of radio graphic imaging to guide a procedure such as a biopsy
Rhonchi Wheezing
Positron-emission tomography (PET) radionuclide tracers to produce enhanced images of selected body organs or areas
Pericardiocentesis Drawing of fluid from the pericardial sac
Calciura Calcium in the urine
Creatinuria Increased concentration of creatine in the urine
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