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Global Final Exam

Where did all Ancient Civilizations begin? River Valleys
Why did All Ancient Civilizations begin near River Valleys? Fertile Soil
What was the river valley in India? Indus River
What was the river valley in Egypt? Nile River
What was the river valley in Mesopotamia? Euphrates & Tigris river
What was the river valley in China? Yangtze River, Yellow river
What was the Neolithic Revolution? We go from Hunters to gatherers,
What happened to animals during the Neolithic Revolution? Domesticated
The person that studies relics, artifacts Archeologists
The person that studies goods and services Economists
An eye for an eye tooth for a tooth Code of Hammurabi
In the Code of Hammurabi your punishment was based on you Social class
The Ten Commandments were set of laws
What was the social class system in India? Caste System
Who was at the bottom of the social class pyramid in India? Untouchables
Your Karma reflects how you treat others
Your Dharma is your Goals in life
What beliefs describes pain and suffering? Buddhism
Buddhist teaches salvation is earned by giving up Selfish desires
Monotheism means belief in One God
Polytheism means belief in Many Gods
Two Belief systems that belief that everything has spirits Shintoism & Animism
For the Hindus the holy river is the Ganges
Monsoons are Seasonal winds that bring heavy rain
The Gupta Empire was known for Math and Medicine
A Golden age is when there is Peace and prosperity to a country
Qin Dynasty was in China
The belief in respect and social order in China is found in Confucianism
Filial Piety in Confucianism is that One must respect the person who is above them
The topography of Ancient Greece was Mountains
How many city states did Ancient Greece have? 100
How did the mountains impact Ancient Greece? Divided them into separate city states
The birthplace of Democracy was in Athens
Spartans were known as a strict military state
Alexander the Great was known for Cultural Diffusion
The period when Alexander the Great ruled is called Hellenistic
The twelve tables were Roman laws
Roman Empire grew wealthy because of it's Trade networks
The Roman government was called a Republic
The Roman Republic was similar to the 3 branches because Judges and Senators could check each other
The Roman Empire was able to communicate with all it's territories because they build Road system
The Roman Empire declined because of Foreign invaders, corrupt rulers
Which sea served as a trade route for the Romans Mediterranean Sea
Two leaders that wanted to modernize & westernize Russia Peter & Catherine the Great
Laws that the samurai warriors had to follow Code of Bushido
Laws that the European nights had to follow Code of Chivalry
Chinese Dynasties that created gun powder, porcelain Tang & Song
Mongol Leader Genghis Khan
Technology of the Mongol warriors Bow and stirrup
Technology that allowed for trade through the desert Camels
Name 3 African Trading Kingdoms Mali, Ghana , Songhai
African Trading kingdoms achieve wealth by trading Gold & Salt
They preserved Greek & Roman culture Byzantine Empire
Hagia Sophia, Justinian code, Constantinople were all part of what empire Byzantine Empire
Name some Renaissance artists Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, DaVinci
Where did the Renaissance begin and why? Italy because of the location near the Mediterranean Sea
What did the Renaissance art focus on? Humanism
What 3 technology you need to explore? Compass, Map, Caravel
Who was looking for a westward route to India? Christopher Columbus
What was the impact of the Colombian exchange? Products were introduced from the new world to the old world
Where did Marco Polo explore? India & China
Who conquered the Aztecs? Hernan Cortez
The first Chinese explorer Zheng He
They spread their language and used slash and burn techniques Bantu
Land is exchanged for military service & protection Feudalism
Strongest organization during the middle ages Catholic Church
Disease spread by fleas on rats Bubonic Plague
He was great and had religious tolerance Akbar the Great
Created by: ygarcia13