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Night of Power and Excellence Occurred in 610 AD Gabriel forces Muhammad to recite
Hijra Traveling to Yathrib, this is Muslims beginning, they date their year by this event
Mecca, Ka’ba
Seal of the Prophets Muhammad
Allah The God, Allah was worshiped by the people of Mecca as one of the special gods when Muhammad was young. But Allah was just one of many gods.
Qur’an Sacred text of Islam. The primary teaching tool of Islam. Gathered together by followers of Muhammad
Sunna (custom of the Prophet) is second. These are the teachings and actions of Muhammad himself.
Hadith Later oral traditions gathered by followers (different schools accept different oral traditions)
Islam Means submission or surrender
Paradise The reward for a good life, a place of pleasure, sensory fulfillment
Umma Community of Muslims, all Muslims regardless of race, etc. Not always realized
Shari’a Divine law. divided into 5 categories. Recommended, indifferent, disapproved, forbidden. Very detailed about how to practice Islam. Intended to be the law of the land. Supposed to be the basis of government. Based in Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia.
Confession of Faith Shahada, “There is no god except God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.” Stating this freely makes you Muslim.
Prayer Required to pray 5 times per day (early morning, noon, midafternoon, sunset, evening). Ritual washing of hands, prostration toward Mecca, prayer rug. Fridays, public prayers in the mosque (these directed by leader (Imam))
Fasting During Ramadan (ninth month of the year), from dawn until sunset avoid eating, drinking, smoking, sex. Ramadan moves throughout the year.
Almsgiving Requires that Muslims give 2.5% of possessions to public treasury. Considered a form of worship.
Pilgrimage (Hajj) once in their lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca. A pilgrim who dies on the journey is considered to be a martyr and enters Paradise.
Sunnism – (Sunni) Practiced by the majority 87%. The Islam best described by what we have talked about in the previous sections. Name comes from the Sunna (custom of the Prophet) Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’I, Hanbali schools of Sunni
Shi’ism – (Shee’ ee) from the term “shi’at Ali” (party of Ali). So, who is Ali? Ali was the son-in-law and cousin of Muhammad. He was not chosen 3 times for the Caliph post until finally he was picked. Later, he was assassinated.
Sufism This is the very personal, spiritual experience of Allah. To achieve oneness with Allah through recitation of sacred names, breathing exercises, chants, dancing. Very controversial form. Traditional Islam treats Allah as remote, less personal.
5 Pillars Confession of Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving & Pilgrimage
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