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world history

Location of Constantinople that links with the Meditteranian sea Black Sea
What aspect of Byzantine culture was a departure from that of the Roman Empire Emperor Authority
Justinian is best remembered for what reform> justinians code
What happened to the Byzantine empire when under Justinian rule They built the largest military force in the world
What was the cause of the battles between Easter & Western Christianity? Byzantine emperor banned religious icons
Byzantine scholars produced many notable book s in what field? History
What helped caused the decline of the Byzantine empire? Merchants gained control of the trade
after defeating the byzantines, the ottomans moved their capital to? Constantinople
Campaigns of Fredrick ll into Italy allowed? Germans to become more independant
Peasants had to do what, when in a manor system? Stay on land for life
what was true under fuedalism? local lords excersize great power
Why did Pope Leo lll proclaim Charlemagne to be Emperor of the Romans? He crushed the rebellion in Rome
Like emperor Constantine, clovis converted to ? Christianity
What was an affect of the Black Death Increases in prices & wages all over europe
Newcomers to the medieval city often did what? settled outside the walls because of overpopulation
What role describes the emperor in Japanese fuedal society? He held the highest rankings but holds no political power
in fuedal Japan real political power belonged to ? their king
In years following the tang chinaś in 800ś japanesse did what? Revised the Chinese writing system
What culture had the most influence on the cultural develepment of Korea? China
How did Mongolian rulers have complete control of their government & military? Only mongols were allowed to serve in the military
Mahammad became the prophet of Islam after what? He heard the voice of the Gabriel calling him
Why were merchants in Mecca hostile to Muhammand? They thought he went against their beliefs
Trade increased where in Africa, when camels were brought to africa Sahara
Capital of Nubia became successful by? Trading salt & iron
The sacred word of God as revealed to Muhammad is contained in what? The Quran
Realpolitik? Policies based on the needs of the states
Muslims conquered new land & often made? They forced the concquered people to convert to Islam
Why did many lower caste Hindus convert to Islam ? because Islam taught that All believers were equal
Muslims who sought comunmunion with God through fasting & meditiation, are called what? Sulfis
Christian Knights succeeded in capturing what ? Jerusalim
Queen elizabethe did what after the Reconquista? She launched crusade against jews & muslims
What did Sonni Ali do to strengthen the empire of Songhai? Built army for protection
African rain forest kingdom of what was built because of trade in slaves, ivory * pepper? Kingdom of Benin
Tolls collected from the flow of Gold helped build the kingdom of ? Goghna
islamic university in timbuctu was one result of Hijj, made by ? Mansa Musa
People of Ife taught the people of Benin to do what ? Cast bronze & brass
What do some scholars think was the reason for decline of the great empire zimbabwe? Some think it was Over population
Remains of Porcelain found in Great Zimbabwe suggest that people there did what ? Traded with China
Hypothesis? Possible explination to be tested
Robert Boyle transformed the work of? Chemistry
Europeans searched for new trading routes for special spices that mainly came fromwhere? The Moluccas, A spice island in indonesia
Romans used their concquered land in North America as an important source of ? Grains
Renissance & Reformation ideas contributed to the Scientific Revolution, how ? They both challenged the Medieval views
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