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World History Final

Middle Ages Time were the people belonged to the land
Crusades Christians are going to fight a series of Holy Wars to free Christian lands Beginning of Global Trade
Black Death-Bubonic Plague III exchange of diseases from rats
Feudal Society is based o loyalty for land ownership
Serfdom A person that belongs to the land
Guild An association of merchants or skilled workers
Subsistence farming growing enough for your family
Cash Crop grow to sell
Renaissance I Rebirth of the Christian knowledge The value of an individual
The Prince A book saying if you have to do something do it.
Humanism the value of an individual
Reformation II Rebirth of the Christian Church
Indulgences pay your way to heaven
Gutenberg invented the printing press
Luther people need to read the Bible
Calvin Believed in predestination
Incas conquered by Pizaro
1492 permanent European settlement
Mercantilism Colonies exist to provide for the mother country
Voyages of exploration journey to new lands
Cortes conquered the Aztecs
Spanish social structure 1.pensilarise 2. creoles 3. mestizos 4. mulatos 5. Native Americans 6. slaves
Prince Henry Columbus Magellan all contributed to exploration
Encomienda Spanish land grant that gives Indians as land
Columbian Exchange II exchange of people food ideas
Scientific revolution scientific method
Galileo Helio Centric
Newton laws of gravity
absolute monarch all power
LouisXIV Henry XIII Absolute leader
Oliver Cromwell Puritan revelution time of King Charles executions
enlightenment European intelecual movement that represents reason and individualism
Magna Carta limits power of king and gives to people King John
Petition of Rights King Charles II
Bill of Rights list of rights
Natural Rights born rights
Parliment people of England
Rousseau Social Contract
Montesquieu 3 branches of Government lawyers of power
John Locke protect natural rights
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