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Sem. 1 Part 7

Why were the populations of early villages able to grow? food surpluses
The chipped stones that Mary and Louis Leakey found in the Olduvai Gorge revealed that early hominids had learned how to do what? use technology
The oldest known peace treaty in history was an agreement between Egypt and Hittites
The New Stone Age began when early people learned to farm
Later civilizations developed basic algebra and geometry by building on the number system first created by the Sumerians
What was a great technological achievement during the Han Golden Age? papermaking
To join the early Christian community a person had to be baptized or blessed with holy water
The Truce of God required Christian nobles to stop fighting between Friday and Sunday each week
As a result of the _______ ________, there were large increased in wages and prices throughout Europe, because of the loss of life Black Death
Tolls collected from the flow of gold and salt helped to build the kingdom of Ghana
What changes did the Catholic Church make during the Catholic Reformation? It provided penalties for corruption among the clergy
Mansa Musa created a cultural /capital center in Mali known as Timbuktu
The _ dynasty (Chinese) was a maritime nation and used the compass to navigate Song
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