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Giattino cards U41


The Mayans were found in the Yucatan Peninsula and Part of Guatemala
Mayan Religion Because of the significance of religion, priests occupied an exalted place in the social hierarchy
Mayan Social Structure Each city had a ruling chief. Below the chief were his nobles who served as city officials and military leaders Farmers
Mayan Architecture Great pyramid temples and large palaces
Maya - Learning and Science Developed a hieroglyphic system of writing and recorded much of their knowledge in books made of bark. Priests developed a 365-day calendar. Used a numbering system and understood the concept of zero before the Europeans did
Aztecs Founded Tenochtitlan , Controlled most of Mexico.
Aztec Religion Human sacrifice,
Aztec Contributions Calender, Schools, Doctors and Dentists Chinampas Artificial islands made of Earth piled on reed mats
Chinampas Artificial islands made of Earth piled on reed mats
Incas Founded in South America on Pacific Coast. An empire linked by roads.
Incan Contributions System of roads – 12,000 miles passes through the mountains, Bridges, Tunnels, Terrace Farming, Kept records on quipus – colored strings, Calendar
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