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Med Vocab Ch 9

Respiratory System

What term means inside the nose endonasal
What is the term for the sense of smell olfaction
Which term means pertaining to the nosepharyn nasopharyngeal
Which term means pertaining to the pharynx pharyngeal
What term means pertaining to the mouth and pharynx oropharyngeal
Which term refers to the larynx; pharynx laryngopharngeal
What is the term for the vocal folds that are part of the vocal apparatus of the larynx glottis
Which term means pertaining to the trachea tracheal
What is the term that means within the trachea endotracheal
What is lined with cilia, hairlike projections that propel mucus up and way from the lower airway bronchi
What are small airways that extend from the bronchi into the lungs bronchioles
What term means pertaining to the alveoli alveolar
What term means pertaining to a bronchus and alveoli bronchoalveolar
two types of pleura are visceral pleura and parietal pleura
The term that means outside the pleural cavity extrpleural
The term that means outside, or not connected with, the lungs extrapulmonary
What is the term that means below the lung subpulmonary
What term is a speculum that is used for inspecting the nasal cavity nasoscope
....is a growth or mass protruding from a muscous membrane polyp
...is an instrument for examing the lining or the structure that is commonly call the throat, the pharynx pharyngoscope
viewing the interior of the trachea is tracheoscopy
....direct viewing of the bronchi bronchoscopy or bronchoscopic
What is the examination of the mediastinum by means of an endoscope inserted through an incision of the chest mediastinoscopy
This procedure allows direct inspection of the mediastinum and biopsy of tissue, using an instrument called mediastinoscope
...the muscluar structure that contracts and relaxs during inspiration and expiration is the diaphragm
Which term is radiology of the vessels of the lungs after injection of a contrast medium pulmonary angiography
...pertains to obstruction of a blood vessel with material from a blood clot that carried by the bloodstream from its site of orgin thromboembolic
Which term is any foreign object that circulateds in the bloodsteam and becomes lodged in a vessel embolus
...is the largest volume of air that can be exhaled after maximal inspiration is the vital capacity
What is a photoelectric device for determining the oxygen saturation of the blood in a pulsating capillary bed pulse oximeter
...listening to breath sounds, provides information about the flow of air throught the tracheobronchial tree chest ausculation
...is the structure that is commonly called the throat is pharynx
What is the structure that is commonly called the windpipe trachea
...the hollow interior of the nose is separted into two cavities by the nasal septum
...the glottis is the vocal apparatus of the larynx
...the upper repiratory tract consits of the nose, nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx and parnasal sinuses
....the lower respiratory tract begins with a structure called trachea
What is an abnormal sound consisting of a continous rumbling sound that clears on coughing rhonchus
...is a musical noise that sounds like a squeak wheeze
....are discontinuous bubbleing noises during inspiration that are not cleared by coughing crackles
....an abnormal high-pitched musical sound caused by an obstruction in the trachea or larynx, most often heard during inspiration stridor
What is a blood test that measures the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and pH in a blood sample collected from the artery arterial blood gas
Which term is a sleep disorder characterized by transient periods of breathing sleep apnea
...is abnormal apttern of respiration that is characterized by alternating periods of apnea and deep, rapid breathing, occurring more fequently during sleep cheyne-stokes respiration
What term is laborded or difficult breathing dyspnea
What terms means an absence of deficiency of oxygen in body tissues below the level needed for proper functioning anoxia
What is a condition caused by insufficent intake of oxygen asphyxia or asphyxiation
... is an exaggerated deep or rapid respiration hyperpnea
...excessive aeration of the lungs-which commonly reduces carbon dioxide levels in the body hyperventilation
...is increased alkalinity of the blood alkalemia
What is a pathologic condition that results from accumulation of acid or depletion of alkaline substances aciclosis
...means an abnormally low level of carbon dioxide in the blood hypocarpnia
...is an arterial blood pH below 7.35 acidemia
...is recognized as a blood of pH above 7.45 alkalemia
What is a sudden inability of the lungs to maintain normal respiratory function acute respiratory failure
...is a reduction of oxygen in body tissue to levels below those required for normal metabolic functioning hypoxia
What is severe pulmonary congestion charcterized by respiratory insufficiency and hypoemia and can result in acute respiratory failure acute respiratory distress syndome
..is decreased oxygen in the blood hypoxemia
Which terms means a condition in which breathing is diffcult except in an upright position orthopnea
...means normal breathing eupnea
....breathing fast tachypnea
what is inflammation of one or more paranasal sinuses sinusitis
Which term has irritation of the nasal membranes,violent sneezing, trauma, or high blood pressure nosebleed
....profused bleeding from the nose rhinorrhagia
....is a calculs or stone in the nose rhinolith
is inflammation fo the hard palate, the bony portion of the roof or the mouth palatitis
...is infammation or infection of the pharynx, usually causing symptoms of sore throat pharyngitis
...is a fungal condition of the pharynx pharyngomycosis
What means pain of the larynx laryngalgia
...is a condition characterized by the inabliity to produce normal speech sounds that results from overuse of the vocal cords, organic disease, or emotional problems aphonia
...is impairment of speech, charcterized by a lact of coordination and an inability to arrange words in their proper order, a problem resulting from a brain lesion dysphasia
an absence of speech aphasia
...is paralysis of the muscles of the larynx laryngoplegia
...spasmodic closure of the larynx is laryngospasm
...is an acute viral infection of the upper and lower respiratory tract that occurs primarily in infants and young children croup
this highly contagious disease that is charcterized by fever, respiratory systems, muscle aches and weekness influenza
....acute rhinitis coryza
sore throat usually accompanies this condition pertussis
...is a state of dullness, sluggishness, or prolonged sleepiness or drowsiness lethargy
...abnormal enlargement of the distal fingers and toes, often associated with advanced chronic pulmonary disease clubbing
...occurs when multiple rib factures cause instability of the chest wall flail chest
...means pertaining to the larynx and trachea laryngotracheal
....inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi laryngotracheobronchitis
...softening of the trachea tracheomalacia
...is narrowing of the trachea tracheostenosis
Which term means pertains to the bronchi and lungs bronchopulmonary
..is a condition in which stones are present in the bronchi broncholithiasis
...is ditation of the bronchi bronchiectasis
...is inflammation of the lungs pneumonia or pneumonitis
Which term involves both the bronchi and the lungs and usually is result of the spread of infection from the upper lower respiratory tract bronchopneumonia
...is a complication of an infection of the lung pulmonary abscess
...is a noninflammatory accumulation of fluid in one orboth pleural cavities hydrothoarx
...is air or gas in the pleural cavity pneumothorax
...is an accumulation of air and blood pneumohomothorax
What is the sudden blocking of an artery by a clot or foreign material that has been brought to its site of lodgment by the circulationg blood embolism
....is any disease of the lung caused by chronic inhaltion of dust, usually mineral dust of either occupational or environmental orgin pneumoconiosis
...is a chronic lungs disease that result from prolonges exposure to asbestos asbestosis
...is a lung disorder caused by long-term inhalation of silica dust, which is found in sands, quartzed, and many other stones silicosis
...is a nonpsecific desingation that includes a group of progressive and irreversible respiratory problems in which dsypnea and often chronic coughs are prominent features chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
What term is characterized by overinflation and destructive changes in alveolar wall emphysema
...is inherited disorder of the exocrine glands that involves the lungs, pancresas, and sweat glands cystic fibrosis
What is abnormal condition charcterized by the collapse of all or part of a lung atelectasis
What is an infectious disease that often is chronic and commonly affects the lungs, although it may occur in other parts of the body tuberculosis
...is to cough up and spit out material from the lungs and air passage expectorate
...is the spitting of blood or blood-stained suptum hemoptysis
....a device used to provide assisted respiration and usually temporary life support cardiopulmonary resusctiation
What is a surgical creation of an opening in the trachea, may be necessary in upper airway obstruction tracheostomy
What is the management of the patient with an airway catheter inserted through the mouth or nose into the trachea endotracheal intubation
...is insertion of a tube through the nose into the trachea nasotracheal intubation
What term means insertion of a tube through the mouth into the trachea orotracheal intubation
What is the term meaning surgical punture of the chest wall and pleural space with a needle to aspirate fluid or to obtain a specimen for biopsy thoracentesis
What is surgical incision into the chest thoractomy
What is the surgical repair (construction) of the palate palatoplasty
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