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History Finals #2

Multiple choice finals for history

Camels were nicknamed? ships of the desert
who seized ghana in 1240? sundiata keita
empire crossroads of trade is also known as? ghana
most common trade items in west africa? salt and gold
zimbabwe suppied what to the east african coast? gold,copper, ivory
west african empires utilized what government? centralized
governments ruled by? kings
who inherited kings throne? the kings nephew
who rewarded citizens with gold? mansa musa
islam believes in? one supreme god
what language and culture still exists in africa today? swahili
what migrations helped spread cuture across africa? bantu
education in africa was carried out by families and? other villagers
slave trade was started in africa by? portuguese
earliest known african art is? cave paintings
african slaves use music to reming them of their? homeland
Created by: Bunnyluver152