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WVSOM -- skin -- streptococcus

Strep catalase -
Strep metabolism aerotolerant; ferments sugars -> lactic acid
What needs to be used to enrich agar to support growth? blood
How many serologicag groups of strep? 20
what is preliminary grouping based on? hemolysis of 5% sheep blood
what is beta hemolysis complete
what is alpha hemolysis incompte
what is gamma hemolysis no hemolysis
What are teh characteristics of group A strep? capsule of hyaluronic acid; fibrils; peptidoglycan layer; T and R protiens
what soluble virulence factors are seen with group A strep streptokinase, streptodornase, hyaluronidase, erythrogenic toxin, NADase, streptolysins
how is step A acquired another infected individual or a carea;
how is grp A able to spread? resists phagocytosis and spreads thru tissues
how does grp A strep damage teh body? ellicites a strong inflammatory response and cuases release of chemotoxins for WBC
how does group A activate complement? alternate pathway
What does lysis of WBC cause? release of lysosomal enzymes and then damage to surrounding tissue
what is streptolysin O oxygen labile, antigenic
what is streptolysin S? oxygen stabile, nonantigenic
How is pharyngitis diagnosed? thorat cultures then direct antigen test
what are grop A fibrils made up of? M-proteina dn lipoteichoic acid
How are S. pyogenes invasive infections diagnosed? gram stain and culture; blood culture if bacteremia is suspected
What antibodies are used to diagnose S. pyogenes? antistreptolysin O; streptozyme test
What is pharyngitis sore throat
what is scarlet fever? erythogenic toxin produced by grp A causing rash and strawberry tongue
What strep is grp B strep/ S. agalactiae
what does s. agalactiae cause septicemia, meningitis and pneumonia in neonates
what is group D strepe enterococcus and S. faecalis
what does diseases does group D strep cause? UTI, sound infection; sepsis
What diseases does alpha strep (viridans strep) cause subacute endocarditis
what cuases dental caries s. mutans
what group is s. mutans? alpha
what dieseases does s. pneumonia cause? pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis
treatment for strep? PCN
why is strep treated for prevention? PCN G or oral PCN for 10 days to prevent rheumatic fever
what are general characteristics of pseudomonas aeruginosisa? gram - fermenter; motile with polar flagella; oxidase positive; obliage aerobes; opportunistic pathogen; green
what color is P aeruginosa? green
P. aeruginosa oxidase; +
what does P. aeurginosa grow at? 42 degrees C
what are teh virulence factors of P aeruginosa pili, polysaccharide capsule, endotoxin, exotoxin A; inhibits protein syntehiss; tissue necrosis; many extra ceullualr enzymes
How does P. aeruginosa inhibit protein synthesis? causes ADP-ribosylation of elongation factor 2
what are the common infections of P. aeruginosa? ecthyma gangrenosum; infect immunocompromised with compromised physical barriers (burns; super infections after antibiotics; respirator pneumonia) folliculitis from hot tubs
How do you prevent P. aeruginosa clean rooms adn steralize hospigtal equipment; replace palstic tubing; minimize unnecessary broad-spectrum antibiotics
how do you treat P. aeruginosa? aminoglycoside + pipercillin or ticarcillin by IV
What are characteristics of acinetobacter? oxdiase negative; nonfermentative, nonmitile, pleomorphic organisms
what does Acinetobacter anitratus cause? noscomial infections similar to pseudomonas
what does Acinetobacter baumanii cause? opptorunistic infections; mutliple drug resistant; seen in American soldiers wounded in iraq
Created by: tjamrose