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Medical Terminology

Chapters7-13 roots, prefixes, & suffixes

aden/o gland
adren/o adrenal gland
adrenal/o adrenal gland
cortic/o outer surface
crin/o secrete
-emia blood condition
gluc/o sugar
glucos/o sugar
glyc/o sugar
gonad/o gonads (sex organs)
hormon/o hormone
hypophys/o pituitary gland
ket/o ketone body
pancreat/o pancreas
pituitar/o pituitary gland
thym/o thymus
thyr/o thyroid
thyroid/o thyroid
-tropin stimulating hormone
-uria urine condition
coagul/o coagulation
cyt/o cell
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
immun/o immune system
leuk/o white
lymph/o lymph
myel/o bone marrow
-penia deficiency
phleb/o vein
splen/o spleen
thromb/o clot
tonsill/o tonsils
ven/o vein
angi/o vessel
aort/o aorta
arteri/o artery
ather/o fatty plaque
atri/o atrium (upper chamber)
cardi/o heart
coron/o heart (crown)
sept/o septum (plural,septa)
valvul/o valve
vas/o vessel
vascul/o vessel
ventricul/o ventricle (lower chamber)
adenoid/o adenoid
bronch/o bronchus
bronchi/o bronchus
bronchiol/o bronchiole
capn/o carbon dioxide
carb/o carbon dioxide
laryng/o larynx (voice box)
lob/o lobe
nas/o nose
ox/o oxygen
palat/o palate
pector/o chest
pharyng/o pharynx (throat)
phren/o diaphragm
pleur/o pleura
-pnea breathing
pneum/o air or lungs
pneumat/o air or lungs
pneumon/o air r lungs
pulmon/o lungs
rhin/o nose
sin/o sinus
sinus/o sinus
spir/o breathing
thorac/o chest
trache/o trachea (windpipe)
abdomin/o abdomen
an/o anus
bil/i bile (gall)
celi/o abdomen
chol/e bile (gall)
col/o colon (large intestine)
colon/o colon (large intestine)
cyst/o bladder
dent/o tooth
doch/o duct
duoden/o duodenum
enter/o intestines
esophag/o esophagus
gastr/o stomach
gingiv/o gums
gloss/o tongue
hepatic/o liver
hepat/o liver
ile/o ileum
jejun/o jejunum
lapar/o abdomen
lingu/o tongue
odont/o tooth
or/o mouth
pancreat/o pancreas
peritone/o peritoneum
proct/o anus and rectum
rect/o rectum
sial/o saliva
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
stomat/o mouth
balan/o penis
cyst/o bladder
epididym/o epididymis
glomerul/o glomerulus
lith/o stone
meat/o opening
nephr/o kidney
orch/o testicle
orchi/o testicle
orchid/o testicle
prostat/o prostate
pyel/o renal pelvis
ren/o kidney
sperm/o sperm
spermat/o sperm
test/o testicle
ur/o urine
urin/o urine
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
vesic/o bladder
amni/o amnion
cervic/o cervix
chori/o chorion
chorion/o chorion
colp/o vagina
-cyesis pregnancy
episi/o vulva
fet/o fetus
gyn/o woman
gynec/o woman
hyster/o uterus
lact/o milk
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
men/o menstruation
metr/o uterus
nat/o birth
oophor/o ovary
ovari/o ovary
part/o birth
pelv/i pelvis
perine/o perineum
toc/o labor
salping/o fallopian tube
uter/o uterus
vagin/o vagina
vulv/o vulva
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