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Medical Terms

Abbrev & Meanins

extra outside
per through
pre before
mal poor
aniso unequal
tachy fast
erythr red
epi on or cover
brady slow
iso unequal
dys difficult
a,an,ar without, away from
nephr kidney
thromb clot
inter between
intra within
cyte cell
algia pain
emia blood condition
lysis breakdown,destruction
oma tumor
pathy disease
penia deficiency
stasis stopping or controlling
tomy cutting, incision
ABGs Arterial blood gases
BMP basic metabolic profile or panel
BP Blood pressure
BS Blood Sugar
C&S Culture and sensitivity
CBC Complete blood count
FSH Follicle stimulating hormone
FUO fever of unknown origin
NPO Nothing by mouth
O&P Ova & Parasite
UA Urinalysis
Lip Fat
chondor cartlidge
cry cold
cyt cell
glyc sugar
blood hemat
my muscle
ren kidney
scler hard
homeo same
intra within
neo new
poly many
tri three
ic pertaining to
ism condition
lysis breakdown,destruction
stasis stopping,controlling
tomy incision, cutting
Thrombocyte Platelet
Venule Small vein
plural form of ovum ova
PPD Purified Protein Derivative
MSO4 Abbrev on the "DO NOT USE LIST'
Created by: CCSavage88