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History final

What was the boer war ? Who ? Results ? The discovery of gold and diamond in the Boer ( Dutch descent ) . Britain vs boer and British won
What country allowed limited set rule in its colonies ? France
List the 3 groups of people who are part of the history of South Africa ? 1) Dutch , boers 2) Zulu 3) Britain
Three main reasons Europeans could and conquer Africa? Diseases , impossible Rivers (difficult geographic) , and multiple African armies .
What nationality were the Boers ? Dutch
What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference? The purpose of the Berlin conference was to impose the European imperialist countries from fighting with each other over land .
What were the 2 countries never colonized ? Ethiopia and Liberia
Why were there food shortages while Europeans were there ? Because European would make there colony produce cash crops instead of food for themselves , colonial people .
Why did the Russia go to war with the Ottoman Empire ? Russia wanted a port on the Black Sea
In which war did they start having battle field nurses ? Crimena
How did Britain take over the suez canel? The British took over the suez canel because they brought Egypt's shares . The Egypt couldn't pay back their loan , so they had to sell it and British purchased it .
What country did Britain and Russia take over and why ? Persian and for their oil
Rom Mohun Roy ? What did he think he had to happen to them before they became independent from Britain? He was the leader of Hindu reform and he thought they need to be westernized. Who is sought as the founder of Indian nationalism and combined western education and reformed traditional Indian culture
What did Indian have to do to become independent? Indian had to westernize
What was the East India Company ? Britain company that had exclusive trading rights with India
What was the raj ? British had control over India from 1858 to 1947
What demand did US make on Japan in 1853? The US demanded entrance to the Japans ports for diplomatic and commercial exchange
What did Meji government want to change ? The Mekhi government wanted to replace the rigid feudal order with a new political and social system . Also modern industrial economy . To basically westernized
Why did Japan become an imperialist power ? Japan become an imperialist power due to its open mindness in becoming westernized with its modern army and navy
Why did Europeans want colonies in South East Asia ? Europeans wanted to colonies in south east Asia for raw materials to grow their economy and culture . Plus new markets
How was Siam able to stay independent? Siam was able to stay independent due to their king Mongkut because he studied western knowledge and modernized his kingdom
Why were Filipinos resistant to the Spanish ? The Filipinos were resisted the Spanish because they thought the church had too much power .
What role did Filipinos play in Spanish war? They helped the US to win Spain
Why were they disappointed at the end of war ? Filipinos were disappointed at the end of the war because the US bought the Philippines from Spain
2 places US colonized in the pacific ? Hawiia and samo
Emelio Agnilacio ? Was the leader who led the Filipinos to the battle American forces
Reasons for discontent in Tokugawa Japan ? The shoguns isolated Japan so they lacked resources in order to become successful .
What was the active union of 1840 ? The active union of 1840 was a parliament where the upper Canada ( British ) with Lower Canada (France ) where combined into 1 reform.
Compare Aborigines with the Maori ? Aborigines : spread around , southeast descendants, Stone Age life style Maoria : stay in small areas , settled farmers , and seafaring descendants .
Why was Australia first settled by the British in 1700s ? British first settled in Australia because they made it into a penal colony , where they would send their criminals for punishment
What happened to Latin American countries after becoming independent? Inequalities still remained , owners of haciendas ruled , bad dictatorships , conflict between conservatives and liberals .
Who is Benito Juarez ? A liberal reformer of Zapotec Indian heritage who was president of Mexico for a while and wanted to end the conservative power
What was La Reforma ? To strengthen the military power and end the churches special privileges.
What did the US send trips to Latin America ? To protect the investments they had put in Latin America
Why did the US send troops to Latin America ? To protect the investments they put in Latin America
What was the plat amendment and its purpose ? The plat amendment gave the US naval bases in Cuba and the right to intervene with Cuba affairs
Created by: Marianaissexy