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Medical Voc 8

combining forms and review

angi(o) vessel
vas(o) vessel
vascul(o) vessel
aort(o) aorta
arter(o) artery
ateri(o) artery
arteriol(o) arteriole
cardi(o) heart
phleb(o) vein
ven(i) vein
ven(o) vein
venul(o) venule
endocardi(o) endocardium
myocardi(o) myocardium
pericardi(o) pericardium
atri(o) atrium
coron(o) crown
mediastin(o) mediastinum
ox(i) oxygen
pulumn(o) lung
sept(o) septum
partition sept(o)
sin(o) sinus
steth(o) chest
thorac(o) chest
valv(o) valve
valvul(o) valve
ventricul(o) ventricle
-ole small
rhythm(o) rhythm
rrhythm(o) rhythm
de- down, from, or reversing
-stenosis narrowing; stricture
aneurysm(o) aneurysm
ather(o) yellowish, fatty plaque
embol(o) embolus
aden(o) gland
adenoid(o) adenoids
lymph(o) lymph
lymphat(o) lymphatics
lymphaden(o) lymph node
lymphangi(o) lymph vessel
splen(o) spleen
thym(o) thymus
tonsill(o) tonsil
What are the lower chambers of the heart? ventricles
What is the largest artery? aorta
What consists of two large veins that communicate with the right atrium? venae cavae
What contains the upper chambers of the heart? atria
What vessels carry blood from the heart to the lungs? pulmonary arteries
What vessels carry blood from the lungs to the heart? pulmonary veins
What vessels convey blood from the venules toward the heart? veins
What vessels join arterioles and venules? capillaries
What vessels join capillaries and veins? venules
What area in the chest cavity contains the heart? mediastinum
.....is cardiac muscle tissue myocardium
What is the inner lining of the heart? endocardium
This is the sac which encloses the heart. pericardium
What is the wall between the left and right sides of the heart? cardiac septum
Charlie, a 60 year old male, has been diagnosed as having a coronary occulsion. He is most risk for which of the following? (atrioventricular block, congenital heart disease, myocardial infarction, or rheumatic fever) myocardial infarction
Charlie is told he has a form of arteriosclerosis in which yellowish plaque has accumulated on the walls of the arteries. What is the name of this form of arteriosclerosis? (aortostenosis, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, or coarctaction) atherosclerosis
Charlie's physician advices surgery. Which surgery is generally prescribed for coronary occlusion? (automatic implantable cardiopulmonary bypass, cardioverter, coronary artery bypass, or pericardiocentesis) coronary artery bypass
Kristen, a 28 year old female, is told she has inflammation of the lining of the heart. What is the medical term for this heart pathology? (coronary heart disease, endocarditis, myocarditis, or pericarditis) endocarditis
Jayne suffered ventricular fibrillation during coronary angiography. What procedure did the physician use to stop fibrillation? (atherectomy, endarterectomy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or defibrillation) defibrillation
Term meaning: A tumor of the rhythm rhythoma
Term meaning: Abnormal hardening of the aorta aortosclerosis
Term meaning: Absence of a heartbeat asystole
Term meaning: Agent that causes dilation of blood vessels vasodilator
Term meaning: Increased blood pressure hypertension
Term meaning: Increased pulse tachycardia
Term meaning: Inflammation of lymphatic vessel lymphangitis
Term meaning: Narrowing of the diameter of a vessel angiostenosis
Term meaning: Removal of the tonsils tonsillectomy
Term meaning: Suture of the spleen splenorrhaphy
Created by: cmcqueen