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Does Mexico share it's northern or southern border with the U.S.A. northern
What Mexican mountain ranges are an extension of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S.A. SIERRA MADRE
Mexico is an important _______ -producing country OIL
How many vertical climate zones can Mexico's mountain ranges and plateaus be divided into? THREE
What area are the many cattle ranches of Mexico located? GRASSLANDS IN NORTHERN MEXICO
What are common natural occurrences in Mexico? EARTHQUAKES
Which climate zone in Mexico is known as "hot land"? TIERRA CALIENTE
Where is the center of Mexico's petroleum industry located? GULF COAST REGION
What body of water borders Mexico on the east? CARIBBEAN SEA
Where is Mexico city located? THE VALLEY OF MEXICO IN CENTRAL MEXICO
Who led a small force of Spanish conquistadors to Mexico in 1520 HERNAN CORTEZ
What was the capital city of the Aztec in central Mexico? TENOCHTITLAN
Who led a rebellion in Mexico in 1810 MIGUEL HIDALGO
A dictator who ruled Mexico from 1877 to 1911 PORFIRIO DIAZ
Mexico's first president of indigenous ancestry. BENITO JUAREZ
What group had a complex social and religious system? AZTEC
Settlers from which country had the most wealth in colonial Mexico? SPAIN
Mexico's founding culture OLMEC
Major part of New Spain's economy in colonial times MINING
How did Mexico's constitution of 1917 affect workers? LESS PAY
Blending of religious beliefs and practices SYNCRETISM
Large painting made on a wall MURAL
Traditional building material ADOBE
Public square in the heart of the city PLAZA
Popular sport in Mexico FUTBAL
How has transition from to industrial economy affected Mexico STANDARD OF LIVING HAS GONE UP
Artist whose paintings celebrated Mexico's history and people DIEGO RIVERA
Percentage of Mexicans who follow Catholicism 80
Biggest environmental challenge in Mexico City AIR POLLUTION
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