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Early China

Early China Study Guide

What did the people of ancient China build to control flooding along the Huang He River? Levees
What farming technique did China use where mountain slopes cut away to flat areas like deep steps? Terrace Farming
What farming technique did China use where two crops are growing in the same year on the same land? Double Cropping
Who are the founders of Daosim and Confucianism? Laozi and Confcius
What are the primary goals of Confucianism? Oder, Harmony, Peace, Happiness
How can man achieve the primary goals of Confucianism? Education, Self-effort, Self-respect
The principles of Confucianism led to the foundation of what? Education
Identify the natural barriers that protect China from invaders Gobi Desert, Himalaya Mountains, Tibetan Plateau, Pacific Oceans
China is located on what continent? Asia
According to the mandate of Heaven, a king's right to rule came from whom? Heavens/Gods
What are the four "four great inventions of ancient China? woodblock printing, compass, gunpowder, paper
What was China's staple of trade? Silk
What helped unite Chinese culture during the Han dynasty? network of roads and waterways helped to stimulate trade between China's borders
Warring States era influenced the development of what philosophies as the Chinese sought ways to create a peaceful society and political stability? Confucianism, Daoism
what was the Silk Road ? a major trade route from China to Mediterranean Sea that connected cultures, empires, and economies, and it fostered goods and ideas from one religion to another
Silk Road extended from China to what sea? Mediterranean
Why did Qin Shi Huangdi build the Great Wall of China? keep out northern invaders
What are the other two names given to the Huang He River? Yellow River - contains larger amount of loess, River Sorrow - floods caused death and destruction
What is porcelain, and in what two dynasties was it popular? a special ceramic product, Tang and Song dynasties
What are the written languages China? pictographs, ideographs
China's dynasty that created a standard system of currency, simplified the writing system, and built a huge canal Qin
China's first dynasty Shang
Confucianism originated in China during this dynasty Zhou
China's dynasty that required the passing of the civil service exam and established the Silk Road Han
Poetry, porcelain, and calligraphy became prominent during this dynasty Tang and Song
The seismograph originated during this dynasty Han
Required competitive test for government workers Civil Service Exam
Daoism concept that man's efforts and actions are in harmony with the universe and not in conflict with nature Effortless Doing
Calligraphy artistic handwriting
Dao "The Way" or path
Pictograph a symbol in a writing system based on pictures
Loess fertile yellow soil that helped farmers grow large amounts of food on small plots of land
Philosphy the study of the basic ideas about society, education, and right and wrong
Ideograph a symbol in a writing system that represents a thing or an idea
Oracle Bones used to help predict future events during the Shang Dynasty
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