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Greece 4 War

War - People, Places and Things

Alliance an agreement between two or more states to work together for a common goal - like fighting a common enemy
Delian League military alliance led by Athens
Peloponnesian League military alliance led by Sparta
Persian Empire largest empire of the time - borders running from Egypy to eastern India
Darius Persian King - launched 1st Persian War
Xerxes Darius' son who avenged his father and launched the 2nd Persian War
Phalanx Greek military formation of soldiers armed with shields and spears that moved as a unit
Ionia western region of Asia Minor were Greek colonists settled
hoplite highly trained Greek soldier
trireme Greek warship
Pericles Athenian leader who was elected and served for 29 years. He brought Athens into a Golden Age
Golden Age period of prosperity, trade, innovation, art and intellectual growth
King Leonidas Leader of 300 Spartan warriors who held off the Persians at Thermopylae for 3 days
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