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Judaism Review

Review for Work Religions

Monotheism One God
Yahweh (YHWH) Hebrew God
Rabbi Their version of a priest
Torah Old Testament
Tanakh (TNK) Prophets and Historical
Mishnah Oral teaching explaining the Old Testament that was written down
Talmud Commentary of the Mishnah
Zionism Movement back to the promised land
Sabbath 7th day rest, Friday sunset → Saturday sunset
Orthodox Very little change in the way they practice, Torah is important to them, Sabbath is important (Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown), rarest kind, Rabbi’s are always men, worship in only Hebrew
Conservative Old practices open to modern ways, somewhat strict on dietary & Sabbath laws, worship in hebrew, allow women Rabbis
Reform As society changes so do they, worship in vernacular (language of where they live), Women Rabbis, lose observance of the law
Rosh Hashanah 2 day feast; Days of Awe (1 week)(Fasting) → Yom kippur
Yom Kippur Holiest day of the year
Bar Mitzvah Age 13, Becoming a man
Bat Mitzvah Age 13, Becoming a woman
Exodus Hebrew people leaving Egypt (Exit)
40 years Wandered in the desert for 40 years (3 week trip)
Ark of the Covenant Temple built by King Solomon held it and it had the 10 commandments and other holy artifacts.
Promised Land Moses can’t go into the promised land, Joshua leads people in
Temple Built by King Solomon, destroyed by the Babylonians, rebuilt, destroyed by the Romans
Diaspora Dispersion of the Jews around the Mediterranean
Holocaust The mass murder of Jews by the Nazi's
Abram (Abraham) father of Judaism; moved away from his home and had a son
Sarah Wife of Abraham
Isaac Son of Sarah and Abraham, has twins (Esau & Jacob), Jacob pretended to be Esau to get his father's power
Jacob Jacob has 12 sons
Joseph Son that was sold into captivity, captured and sold by his brothers, sold to the Egyptians, worked his way up as a slave, accused of flirting with the wife,
Joesph #2 thrown in jail, interprets dreams, interprets Pharaoh’s dream and saves them from famine, Joseph’s family is starving because of the famine, they send people to go get food from Egypt, reunite with Joseph
Moses Saves Hebrew people from Egypt, never got to the promised land
Joshua Leads people into the promised land
Saul One of the three kings; the first king, was jealous of David and tried to kill him
David One of the three kings; was very close to God but made some bad mistakes
Solomon One of the three kings; David’s son; wisest king ever
Assyrians Took over the Northern Kingdom
Babylonians Destroyed the temple and took over the Southern kingdom
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