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Creation study guide


create To make something out of nothing.
dignity A person's worth or value.
divine inspiration God's guidance.
dominion Authority to govern the earth.
account A story.
eternal Everlasting.
grace The gift of God's life that he shares with persons.(angels)
image A reflection.
literary form Different styles of writing.
ornament To decorate.
personal soul Invisible, spiritual, immortal gift from God that gives us life.
Pentateuch First five books of the bible
List the first five books of the Bible which makes up the Pentateuch. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.
What is the name of the tree from which Adam and Eve must not eat? The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.
What do human persons have that makes them unique, separating them from animals, and shows that they are made in God's image? A personal soul.
In the second creation story, from what did God make man? Clay.
How do human persons express their thoughts and choices in a physical way? We use our body.
What did God create on the seven days of creation? 1) light and darkness 2) upper and lower waters 3) land, sea, and vegetation 4)sun, moon, stars 5) birds and fish 6) animals, man and women 7) He rested
What two responsibilities did God give Adam and Eve after he created them? Be fertile and have dominion over the earth.
What do we do with our wills? We choose.
What do we do with our minds? We think.
What spiritual gift did God give Adam and Eve so that they could love him? Grace.
Created by: Lozo