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WWII info

Scorched Earth Policy Used by the Soviet Union, involved burning resources as they retreated
V-E Day Victory in Europe
V-J Day Victory in Japan
D-Day Invasion of normandy
Benito Mussolini The leader of Italy during WWII
Dwight D Eisenhower Supreme Allied Commander during WWII
bi-polar world order refers to the US and the USSR standing as the two world super powers after WWII
Joseph Stalin The leader of the Soviet Union during WWII
What event started WWII Germany's invasion of Poland
Island Hoppoint The US stragity for defeateing Japan by only occuping some islands on the way to Japan
D-Day was successful because The allies were able to gain control of France and ultimitlly invade Germany
Battle of Britain The Germans unsuccesful attempt to defeate Britain, it was the first German "stalemate" during WWII
Before entering the war the US helped the Allies in what ways Lend-Lease, Cash-Cary, Imposing sanctions on Japan
What event brought the US into WWII The attack on Peral Harbor
Pre WWII ______ invaded ______ in Asia Japan invaded Japan
In Italy after WWI what were the conditions like? Poor economically due to the lack of jobs
All of the following are true regarding the Natzi-Soviet Nonagresson pact agreement between Germany and the USSR, allowed for both nations to aquire part of Poland, neither side believed it would last
Operaton Barbarossa Was the name given to the unsuccssful attempt of the Germans to invade the USSR
The decisive battle during the German invasion of the Soviet Union was? The Battle of Stalingrad
The allied invasion of North Africa.. was codenamed operation torch, was important because it opened a way to attack Italy, The Allies fought French troops at first
Yalta confernece what did each country want and what was established
The Battle of Midway Was important because it was the turning point in the Pacific Theater.
The Holocaust be able to discuss a person's experence
All of the following were outcomes of WWII The US and USSR immerged as the two world superpowers, 70 million people fought in WWII/55 million died as a result of the war,The Atomic Age was begun
Created by: Coach Hilton