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Middle Ages

5th period

religious a similarity between the caste system in India and feudalism in Europe is that each had a _______________ component
church the ______________ served as the main unifying force of medieval western Europe
Constantinople , East-word ________________ became the center of the byzantine empire because a roman emperor had moved the capital of the empire _________________
agriculture the economic activities on the feudal manor were based on _________________
feudal manor, self sufficient the ______________ supplied their own food, clothing and tools and therefore was ________________
japan , culture the geography of _________ allowed it to remain isolated from china therefore keeping much of its own _____________
Visigoth , Hans the formation of kingdoms in Europe originated from tribes such as __________ , Saxons and __________
sun goddess in ancient japan the emperor was seen as the decedent of the ___________.
shogun , peasant, merchants power in the feudal japan was distributed from the ____________, to the samurai , to the _________, and then to the __________.
Bushido the samurai lived by a strict code of honor known as _________-
feudal system under the ____________ in japan the peasants were not the lowest class in society
land, service the primary characteristic of feudal society in medieval Europe was an exchange of ___________ for ___________-
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