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WH-Middle Ages

Middle Ages

What is an “Arab”? A person who speaks Arabic
Describe the location of the “Arab World”. Much of the Middle East and northern Africa
Who was Muhammad? Founder of Islam
Where was Muhammad born? Mecca
What is the name of the Islamic holy book? Koran/Qur’on
What is Islam’s word for god? Allah
What is the name of a person who follows the Islamic religion? Muslim
What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Profession of Faith, Pray 5x a Day, Give Alms, Go on Haj, Fast on Ramadan
Why do Muslims go on a pilgrimage to Mecca? Spiritual Journey to Muhammad’s birthplace
What is the name of the place of worship for a Muslim? Mosque
Which way do Muslims face when praying? East towards Mecca
What do Muslims do during Ramadan? Fast – No from sun up to sun down
Why did Muhammad leave his home city and move to Medina? He was being persecuted in Mecca
According to the Qur’an, what happened to Muhammad in Jerusalem? Ascended to heaven to talk to God
What was the symbol of Muhammad’s army? Crescent Moon
How many times a day are Muslims supposed to pray? Five
What did Muhammad believe god called him to do? Be a prophet, spread the word.
What is the accepted date for the end of the Roman Empire? 476
What are the dates of the Middle Ages/Medieval Period? 500-1500
What are the dates of the Early Middle Ages/Dark Ages? 500-1000
What are the dates of the Late Middle Ages/High Middle Ages? 1000-1500
What two basic needs was Medieval society organized to satisfy? Food and Protection
Manors were self-sufficient. What does self-sufficient mean? The people on the manor could provide everything they needed to survive.
Define "feudalism." Economic and political system in which land is exchanged for loyalty and service.
What is a “fief”? Land given to a vassal in exchange for his services.
What is a “vassal”? A person who accepts a fief from a lord in exchange for his services and loyalty.
Under the feudal system there was almost no ____________ class. Middle
During the Middle Ages, what percentage of the population were serfs and peasants? 98%
These persons in the Middle Ages were “bound to the land”. Serfs
What was the primary purpose of a castle? Defense
Who were the Vikings? Peoples from Scandinavia that terrorized Europe in the Middle Ages.
What current day countries did the Vikings come from? Sweden, Norway and Denmark
The Vikings were also called ____________ or ____________ by Europeans. Northmen or Norsemen
During what time period where the Vikings attacking large parts of Europe? 800-1000
What were the favorite targets of the Vikings? Small seacoast towns, churches and monasteries
Describe the “Longship” and explain why this ship proved to be so successful. Double-ended for quick escape.
Who were the “beserkers”? Fierce Viking warriors
What is the name of Viking letters? Runes
Why did the Vikings quit using their written language? Use ended when Vikings were converted to Christianity
Which Viking founded Greenland? Erik the Red
Which Viking landed on the New Foundland coast of North America? Leif Erikson
What eventually brought an end to Viking raids? They became Christians
What was a “Scriptorium”? Place where Monks copied books
Monks live in ____________. Monasteries
Nuns live in ____________. Convents or Nunneries
What did the church provide in the Middle Ages? Inns, Hospitals, Preserved Books
When a person was “excommunicated” during the Middle Ages, that meant that he/she was… Cut off from the church
The fancy artwork used to decorate a page by Monks was known as ____________. Illumination
What is a relic? An item that is old and has meaning to people
What does the word "cathedra" mean? Chair of the Bishop
The new construction development that gave support to the tall walls of the cathedrals was known as Flying Buttresses
Cathedrals, typically are built in the shape of a ____________. Cross
Cathedrals were built very tall so that ____________. People would look up to the heavens
People believed in the Middle Ages that if a person got sick it was because ____________. God was angry with him/her
One of the few works of great art produced during the Middle Ages and found in cathedrals was… Stained Glass Windows
What changed in warfare in the seventeenth century that made armor and castles obsolete? Use of gunpowder in canons and guns
What was the surest way of capturing a castle? Lay siege
What was the most important defense against a siege? Make sure there was ample food and water in storage
Who called for the Crusades? Pope Urban II
What were the Crusades? Christians who journeyed to the Holy Land to regain control from the Muslims
What was the Crusader’s symbol? The Cross
What does the word “Crusade” mean? To take the cross.
Were did the Black Death come from? Asia
How was the plague transported to Western Europe? In fleas, on rats, on ships
What were the symptoms of the Black Death? Fever, buboes
Where did the name “Bubonic” come from? Buboes
How much of the population in Western Europe died as a result of the plague? 1/3 to 1/2 of the Population
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